15 Creative Instagram Feed & Post ideas for Writers, Authors & Poets

Get inspired by these 15 creative feed and post ideas by fellow writers, authors and poets. Find a grid layout you love.

Here are Instagram feed ideas and post ideas for writers, authors and poets.

I hope they give you inspiration for your own beautiful account.

Let’s get straight into it.

Feed idea #1. Excerpts only

The first idea is to only share excerpts of books or poems.

If you want to brand your account, then choose a background color and font that you love.

Like @ iamjtorres_ does.

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Feed idea #2. Columns

If you want to get fancy, create a grid layout.

Think of your feed as having 3 columns. Each column can have its own theme.

Tip : You can use Preview App to arrange your posts wherever you want, preview your feed and schedule your posts.

Example: @ so_many_ocs

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Feed idea #3. Tiles

The idea is to alternate between 2 types of posts.

You can alternate between:

  1. Photo and quotes
  2. Reels and static posts
  3. Anything that makes sense to you and your brand

Example: @ myeasytherapy

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Tip : There are many other beautiful grid layout styles. Check this blog post .

Feed idea #4. Whiteboard

Doodle on a white background.

Your entire feed will look like a creative whiteboard.

Example: @ anaellechaudet_autrice

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Feed idea #5. Lifestyle

Share your written work, and bits and pieces of your life too.

People love to see behind the scenes and the life of an author.

Example: @ stedmansisters

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Feed idea #6. Paper

Make your entire feed look like paper.

Write notes, quotes and excerpts on a paper background.

Example: @ thelastnightpoetry

instagram feed ideas

Feed idea #7. Memes

Want to have fun?

Share memes related to books, writing or a recent novel or poem you read.

Bonus : Memes also get more shares, which means you could get more reach and new followers .

Example: @ writers.woes

instagram feed ideas

Feed idea #8. Art

Want your words to have a visual?

Share your own drawings or art. Or find a beautiful photo, painting or sketch that represents the feeling or characters of your book.

Example: @ brigitannamcneill

instagram feed ideas

Feed idea #9. Bookstagram lover with writing sprinkled

Love talking about other people’s books too?

Why not share book reviews like @ kaci.writes , amongst your own writing?

You will create a beautiful book loving atmosphere.

instagram feed ideas

Feed idea #10. Touring

Share tour dates, sneak peeks and past tour experiences.

Share them as Reels for example, like @ alex does.

instagram feed ideas

Feed idea #11. Handwritten notes and quotes

Write on paper your quotes, ideas, prompts or questions,

It makes your feed look even more personal.

Example: @ inspiredtowrite

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Feed idea #12. Notebook

Want to give your feed a theme?

One way is by taking the same kind of pictures, using the same props. For example, a notebook.

Example: @ thetypewriterdaily

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Feed idea #13. Journal sneak peeks

Love to write on paper or journal?

Share sneak peeks of your work.

It feels like we enter your world.

Example: @ thepaperpilgrim

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Feed idea #14. Book notes

Is there a part of a book or poem you love?

Why not doodle or make notes on it, to add your personal touch to it?

Example: @ bethbookshelf

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Feed idea #15. Getting Reels

Share snippets of your day as an author, or any video you have in mind.

You can also share Reels of what’s happening in your mind when you write your book or poem. Like:

  1. Me writing a romantic scene at 3am
  2. Me when I get a new book idea

Example: @ saralubrattwrites

instagram feed ideas

Tip: Plan your Reels with Preview App too.

instagram feed ideas

That’s it!

Did it help?

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