Investing In Bitcoin: Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

by Mike Shiangalaon December 9, 2017
Bitcoin is a currency designed to pay for goods and services, just like Euros or U.S. Dollars. But that’s where the similarities end. Bitcoin, unlike a traditional currency, is: Decentralized—no government or central bank controls the currency supply. Digital—there are no physical Bitcoins or Bitcoin bills. The currency lives entirely online, tracked by blockchains, continuously growing groups […]

How burglars managed to steal Sh50 million from KCB in Thika

by Mike Shiangalaon November 21, 2017
Burglars accessed KCB Thika Branch on Sunday, November 19 and removed five containers of 50-real notes, with an estimated value of Sh50 million. They disabled the bank’s internal alarms and sensors and the burglary remained undiscovered until Monday, November 20. Three months before the incident, the criminals rented a commercial property in Thika town and […]

Kenyan firm wins Sh2.6m in Facebook contest

by Mike Shiangalaon October 13, 2017
A Nairobi-based logistics company has won Sh2.6 million ($25,000) in a tech start-up competition hosted in the capital city by American news site TechCrunch and social networking giant Facebook. Lori Systems, which provides a payments and tracking platform for companies, was crowned winner out of a group of 15 companies that participated in Startu-p Battlefield […]

Facebook to host a 15 African startup competition in Nairobi

by Mike Shiangalaon October 12, 2017
Facebook is set to host in Nairobi a competition for 15 African start-ups that will culminate in the winner getting a Sh2.6 million ($25,000) award and a visit to San Francisco, the headquarters of the social media website. The competition has been organised in partnership with the American news site TechCrunch. It is the culmination […]

Safaricom kicks off its Fibre To Home regional roll-out

by Mike Shiangalaon October 12, 2017
Safaricom has kicked off its Fibre To Home regional roll-out plan that will see an increased number of customers access fast internet speeds from the comfort of their homes. The regional roll-out is part of a strategy to increase the number of customers who can access fast, reliable and unlimited internet. Safaricom currently has 95,000 […]

UberSelect Premium Service now in Nairobi

by Mike Shiangalaon October 9, 2017
Do you know what UberSelect is? Well, it is Uber’s premium a little more luxurious ride option just above the regular UberX. UberSelect will exist together with UberX. UberSelect was launched in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi with a touch of luxury and with only highly rated partners offering exemplary service. “At Uber we are all about rider choice. We […]

Netflix Middle and Top Tier Prices About to Catch an Increase

by Mike Shiangalaon October 6, 2017
Netflix subscribers on the middle and top tiers are about to notice an increase in their monthly bill. Specifically, those on a standard $9.99 plan will see their price raised to $10.99, while those on the $11.99 tier will see an increase to $13.99. If you’re on the $7.99 plan, though, your price stays the same. […]

What the future could look like for Safaricom’s M-Pesa

by Mike Shiangalaon October 5, 2017
Safaricom has indicated to the 26 million Kenyan customers who make use of its M-Pesa service to conduct upwards of 10.5 million in transactions a day, that innovations will emerge from upgrades it conducted on the platform over the weekend.   The latest upgrade takes place ten years after Safaricom launched the service in Kenya […]