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Sales Tips When Selling Mobile Apps to Small Business



Research The Prospects - Sales Tips When Selling Mobile Apps to Small Business
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This post was submitted by James Barrett of Applepit

Small businesses are now coming to the realization that it is important to have effective mobile strategy in place to take their efforts of developing mobile-friendly websites a step further. A large proportion of customers now have smartphones and having a perfectly laid out mobile app can really increase their potential returns if they are able to grab those mobile users. But despite this realization, mobile app developers often find it difficult to market their apps effectively to these businesses. They don’t just have to convince the small business owners to buy their apps but really need to come up with something that beats their competitors at the same time as well. So, if you are looking for some useful tips, here is how to sell mobile apps to small businesses.

1. Research The Prospects

This point is often emphasized as part of any robust marketing strategy and it is of critical importance as well. Before you connect to your prospects over a phone call, it always pays to go through their website quickly in search of what they are doing and what their business is all about. It is quite possible for you to find some great opportunities along the way that make your mobile app indispensable for them. As a result, you’ll be well prepared for discussing the business of your prospect and convincing them to fit your product in. You’d know which areas you have to exploit and what you need to refrain from.

2. Do Not Drive Conversations
Do Not Drive Conversations - Sales Tips When Selling Mobile Apps to Small Business
If you are in the mood to make a deal, you really need not to be driving the conversations. Instead, you must listen closely to the needs of your prospect customers. When you’ll have a clear understanding of what they are doing and what they want to achieve only then you will be able to present them how and why they need a good mobile app. Once you know what they are up to, you can go over your mobile app’s strengths and then sell what your prospective clients need. If all your efforts are consumed in driving your conversation towards closing a deal then you may lose the plot.

3. Sell Benefits Rather Than Features
Sell Benefits Rather Then Feature - Sales Tips When Selling Mobile Apps to Small Business
A common mistake that mobile app marketers often make is to open a Pandora box of features in front of their potential clients. Even though the features of the app are important, what small businesses are actually looking at is the benefits they will be able to enjoy by buying your app. They want to know how their business will flourish with the app. For instance, rather than telling your clients that the app features a purchase option, you can tell them how accessible their products will be with a mobile app and ease of access will certainly drive more customers and more sales as a result. In short, you have to capture the soft targets by telling them how beneficial things are going to be for them.

4. Always Have A Demo Version Of The App Ready

It can help your clients to quickly come to a decision if you have a demo version of the app ready to show them. Actually, it will allow them to visualize exactly how their business app will look like and what kind of benefits they’ll be able to enjoy. You can come up with your live demonstration and letting them to test the app themselves. It is also a good idea to add their logo to the demo app to make them feel it their own. All these things might sound small but they can really go a long way in driving the decision of your prospective customers and convincing them that they really need one such thing.

5. Price It Rightly
Price It Rightly - Sales Tips When Selling Mobile Apps to Small Business
Most of the deals break at this point. You want to sell your product at a particular price but your prospect customers are not willing to buy it for that price. Though you may not want to cut down the price of the app at initial few sales, but you should also keep it in mind that these first few customers will help you build your portfolio and will bring more referrals. So, set a realistic price and try to make some local businesses your ambassadors. When you have someone else advocating your case, more small businesses will listen to your marketing message keenly. You can charge first few clients a bit less and ask them for testimonials and referrals in return. Believe it or not, it will be you to win the end game.
So, these sales tips will definitely come in handy when you are selling your mobile apps to small businesses. You just need to make sure that you devise the right plan of action and success will be yours at the end of the day!

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