Can’t Reshare a post to Story anymore? Try this (September 2021)

Has Instagram removed the 'share post to story' option? Can't reshare a post to your Instagram Story? Want the new Reshare Sticker? Try this.

Did your Reshare button disappear on Instagram?

Can’t share a post to your Instagram Stories anymore?

Here’s the news:

Instagram is testing removing the Share to Story button.

Let’s talk about:

Let’s start.

Why is Instagram removing the Share to Story feature?


Instagram recently announced that they are testing a new way to share posts to Stories.

They have been testing in July, August and September 2021. They might continue testing for the rest of the year.


Because some people said they want to see fewer posts in Stories.

Now the big question is:

Can you bring back the Share to Story button if it disappeared?

Not at the moment.

There is no fix or solution to bring the reshare button back under a post.

Will the reshare to story button ever come back?

At the moment Instagram is testing .

They are testing removing the Share to Story button on random accounts. This means, they randomly choose accounts to remove the share to story option.

If you’re lucky, you might still have it. If not, it might have disappeared temporarily .

If the test shows that sharing posts to Stories was useful: they will bring it back.

If the test shows that not sharing posts to Stories is better: they might remove the option to all accounts.

So we have to wait and see.

So how can you reshare a post to your Instagram Story?

Instagram created a new Insta Story Sticker.

This Sticker is called the Reshare Sticker.

Here is how it works.

How to reshare a post to your Instagram Stories?

Can’t share a post to your Stories anymore?

You might have to use a new Reshare Sticker in your Instagram Stories.

Here is how to reshare a post to your Instagram Stories if you don’t have the share post option under the post:

  • Open your Instagram Stories
  • Press on aA (it’s the Create feature)
  • Press on the Smiley Sticker on top of your screen
  • Press on the Reshare sticker
  • Re-share a post that you have recently viewed, saved or posted on your feed
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How to turn on the Sharing to Story option?

Another thing you can do is make sure you allow people to share your posts to their Stories.

Maybe Instagram has turned off this option in your settings.

Here is how to check if it is turned on:

  • Open your Instagram Settings
  • Privacy
  • Story
  • Turn on Allow sharing to story
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Creative ways to share a post to your Story if you can’t reshare from your feed anymore

Here are 5 ideas to share your post to your Story (featuring @thegracemattei ):

1. Share the photo and point to your profile pic:

Add an arrow pointing to your profile pic so people can go to your feed to see the new post.


2. New post alert

Add new post text to catch the attention of your followers.


3. Sneak peek

Upload the image in your Story.

Fill the screen with a color (click here for the tutorial).

Use the Eraser option to make parts of the photo appear again.


4. Collage

Use the Photo Sticker feature to add multiple photos in your Story.

Use Preview App to get beautiful background photos.


5. Add your username sticker:

Use the @MENTION Sticker to add your username. People will be able to tap it to see the post on your feed.


That’s it!

What do you think about this new test?

Do you think there should be less posts in Stories?

Has your share to story button disappeared too?

Hopefully one of these tricks will work for you.

Otherwise, you might have to wait until Instagram finishes testing.