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5 Main differences bettween hi-end and low-end Smartphones



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Smartphones have had tremendous advancements in terms of design and specs over the past decade.

I remember days when a phone..not even a smartphone..was owned by one or two people in say 10 households and everyone would go use it to make a call to those in major cities.

Now things have changed and Grandmothers are double tapping on Instagram as Grandfathers slide DM’s.

This devices have replaced computers and are getting improved day in day out..Who knows what they will look like and do in a hundred years to come?

That’s a mystery to be unfolded and only time can tell.

With devices such as Huawei,Samsung,Sony,Iphone,Tecno,Microsoft,Infinix,Lg & Alcatel just to mention but a few rocking the smartphone market,do you undetstand the real difference between a hi-end & low-end smartphone.?

I Bet you Don’t…

There are several obvious reasons you might be aware of when told to differentiate between LG v20 and Infinix Hot Note 4 but there are also some subjective reasons that vouch otherwise.

Without wasting more time,let’s discuss some real reasons as to why hi-end smartphones differ from their counter parts.


Smartphone Processors 450x300 - 5 Main differences bettween hi-end and low-end Smartphones

The late Galaxy Note 7 would never be compared to a phone such as Tecno H7,reason being;this two phones are powered by totally different chipsets.

As Note 7 was powered by the powerful Exynos 8890 octa processor,Tecno H7 is powered by a Mediatek chipset which proves to be much slower and less powerful than Exynos.

Some people argue that Mediatek processors (Which are mostly used in low-end devices) are proving to be better processors than most powerful ones such as Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 which powers Galaxy S7.

I stand to believe that Qualcomm’s processors are better in most if not all ways than Mediatek ones..even though some Mediatek processors such as Mediatek 8870 are standing out,it will still take more time,skills and technology to be able to out-shine Qualcomm chipsets in every way.

2.Research & Development

research development 450x288 - 5 Main differences bettween hi-end and low-end Smartphones

Big and well established companies such as Samsung,Lg,Apple and Sony spend alot of money in researching and development of their products.
This means more money goes into advertising,more salary for employees and more pricing for their products.

A good example i can give you is the famous Sony Xperia Z3 and the not so famous Oneplus One smartphone.

Both Xperia Z3 and Oneplus one smartphones are powered by almost the same processors(snapdragon 805 & 801 respectively),same amount of RAM (3GB),same amount of screen resolution (1080p) and same battery power (3100mAH)but this two phones still have a totally different pricing tag.

As of now,Xperia Z3 costs around $350 while Oneplus One is selling at $250.
A whooping $100 price difference for smartphones you might mistakenly think perfomed similar tasks.

3.Customer Care

customer care 450x299 - 5 Main differences bettween hi-end and low-end Smartphones

Most low-end smartphones lack service centres in each and every local region where their devices are sold.

The fact that big companies are available almost everywhere you might think of,alot is spend in ensuring customers satisfaction hence hi-end smartphones turning out to be much more expensive.


img Search Engine Optimizat - 5 Main differences bettween hi-end and low-end Smartphones

Not all circuit boards are created in away to optimize your device.

Hi-end smartphones are better optimized to;

  • Provide adequate voltage frequency.
  • Handle multi-threaded processing in a more efficient way.
  • Heat less.
  • Have a better screen quality.

while low-end smartphones make use of third party apps to achieve some of this features.

5.Quality Check Process (QC)

business quality control checklist products customer service excellent word checked red check mark eps vector 51958828 400x400 - 5 Main differences bettween hi-end and low-end Smartphones

It is not possible to check all devices produced by this companies and therefore big brands that focus on quality are most likely to check 1 out of 10 devices they produce which is 1% while companies producing low-end smartphones tend to focus on quantity rather than quality.

This companies will check 1 out of 100,000 devices produced and this is just 0.001% compared to the 1% of big companies.

Although the line between hi-end and low-end smartphones might be getting thinner,don’t expect this two to mix anytime soon.

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