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Top 8 Online Jobs In Kenya That Pay Through M-Pesa



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If you are looking to become financially independent or looking for a side hustle to earn you extra cash to supplement your salary, these are jobs you can do.

And the good news is that you don’t have to go writing a good CV to land an online job.

That said, here is a comprehensive list of online jobs in Kenya that pay through M-pesa.

1. Blogging

Are you good at writing and have no idea how you can make money through your talent? This is one of the best online job in Kenya that pay through M-pesa that you could try out.

You could start your own blog or contribute as a guest writer to other blogs. This way you could do what you love and still make money from it.

2. Online marketing

Basically, this is one of the online jobs in Kenya that pay through M-pesa and there are so many jobs to choose from.

Jumia, for instance, offers these kinds of jobs where you can become an affiliate online marketer for them.

All you have to do is promote their products, sell on their behalf and earn some commissions. With this kind of job, you can do it even when you have a full-time job.

3. Research writing

With research writing, it just involves getting paid to conduct research on someone’s projects.

Payment for this kind of job is done two times a month but this is dependent on who you are working for. So where do you find these online jobs in Kenya that pay through M-pesa?

Academic Research Writers on Facebook have clients who offer research writing jobs.

Another Facebook group you can follow for this is Awesome Transcribers In Kenya where you can even get training on how to do research jobs or do gigs on Fiverr,upwork, and guru.

4. Writing E-books

E-books are slowly taking over the online community nowadays.

Just like blogging, there are people making money selling E-books on Facebook and other social media sites making it one of the online jobs in Kenya that pay through M-pesa that you can venture into.

You can create an E-book on anything from recipes, diets to travel guides. Post it on social media with the price and where people can send the money. Most E-books are sold at 100 bob.

Say you have over 2000 contacts on Facebook and at least 200 of them make a purchase, that’s 20,000 you have made without having to go through all the stress of finding a job.

Just ensure that what you are selling is quality and someone can benefit from it.

5. Content writing/digital marketing

Companies and websites alike are looking to have quality content online that can drive traffic to their websites. This means learning the loops of digital marketing.

All you need is to master the art of SEO and you are good to go.

Websites need good content in order to rank high on search engines which translates to better sales.

And I believe it’s time we all jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon.

6. Academic Writing

Academic writing requires a lot of your time and research but pays better than article writing.

I myself did academic writing for a while and I can confess that if you are looking to make money either on the side or just looking to save some to start a business, you should try it.

Just look for someone reliable you can write for and off you go.

7. Web & Graphic design

Most people who venture into graphic design become freelancers who are recruited by companies from time to time.

If you have web and graphic design skills, you can go online and look for websites with such jobs.

You could also create a website to showcase your skills and where people can contact you if they need your services.

8. Re-writing content

This is another way of writing content but instead of the stress of coming up with original content to write, all you have to do is rewrite what others have already written. Of course in a way that you don’t plagiarize your work.

Do a little research and find out the websites in Kenya that offer content re-writing jobs.

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