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You want to buy a new laptop,check out these four important things

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9k - You want to buy a new laptop,check out these four important things
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Top 4 things that you should never overlook when buying a laptop

Don’t start screaming about how bad your laptop is ,  how outdated the C.P.U is, how low the ram is ,not enough storage, wacky graphical powers among other complains. Well, never look at things just at face value that’s the first rule nowadays, especially with tech.

Regardless of whether you are buying a laptop made by Hewlett Packard company or Dell or Gateway, all that counts a little when measuring the reliability or efficiency of your laptop, yes! It counts very little because in the end what matters is what the rig is made up, so read on if you would like to know what those five things are

1. A good laptop processor or CPU will take off a lot of stress from your RAM(S)

Having a good processor helps a great deal when running apps like Photoshop, Corel draw and also multi-taking on your laptop, most times , you see people refreshing their laptops a great number of times before they can run any app decently in their PC, having a good in-built processor cannot be overstated because most laptops don’t allow for changing their in-built processors unlike desktops, as such to get the very best out of your money, you should go for a laptop with at least a Core i3 processor with a 2.53 processor speed.

2. Good laptop RAM

You should make sure the laptop has room for two ram modules, i.e. this means the laptop’s default’s 4 GB RAM should be expanded to  at least 8 GB RAM,  this is very important as your laptop might drag to stop with a low ram, also make sure the ram runs on dual-channel. i.e. 2-2 ,4-4,dual channel means two rams of the same size and speed.

3. Enough hard drive storage space

You are good to go with any starting from 500 GB disk upwards, so look out for 500 and above, this helps your laptop also because less storage space might also slow down your laptop in the future.

 4. Graphic processor/graphic card: Graphic cards are the sweet spots of any good laptop, because they always come in handy for everything you can think of ,gaming, data mining, Bitcoin mining, graphic design, photo and video editing, graphic rendering and a whole lot, even when you do not know anything about graphic design or gaming, you would most likely watch films on your laptop, right? Well, you still need a decent graphic processor, because even VLC uses part of your graphic processor or card for video rendering, that’s right, you need it.

However, there are two graphic system for laptop, in-built graphic processor ,same as onboard graphics or integrated graphics  and discrete graphic or dedicated graphics, here is the difference between the two, the onboard works with your laptop’s processor and  Ram, check above to read processor, it takes part of the RAM memory to use for graphic needs like gaming e.t.c while the other does not use your RAM because it is a powerhouse of graphic memory and works better than the latter, hence most laptops use Integrated ,while a few have both Integrated and Dedicated memory., as such Intel HD graphics have Integrated graphics and are not so powerful if you are looking to game and do heavy multi-tasking on it, while the other, Nvidia graphics has dedicated memory and is more powerful, so when buying a laptop next time, take your time to check the laptop properties and ask if it is integrated or dedicated.

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