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How to get better FPS on your Android

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Optimizing your android’s graphic power just got better with Gltools

I say this with all happiness and gladness, android gamers just got a new ace under their sleeves, take it from a geek who is a gamer at heart, having used this application for over two years now, I can say that Gltools is the real deal.

Have you ever tried playing Injustice and got the error “the application has crashed or unfortunately the application has forced close or any other disheartening notifications, if you have, I feel your pain, the thing is games like Injustice, WWE Immortals, Amazing Spiderman and newer games like Telltale’s Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and so many others which you might not know are regarded as high-end games which are over 2 Gigabytes of Obb, even some  go as high as 4 Gigabytes, that’s crazy! Right?

Anyways, these games were made for high-end devices that run on Nvidia graphic processors, Snapdragon processors or other high end Smartphones which are pretty pricy when you look up how much they are sold on the internet. However, this application breaches that gap that offering which might not be so good to some, but is a surely going to get the job down.

Gltools is a free mobile app that is used for optimizing, reducing and increasing the graphical capabilities of your Smartphone’s android graphic processors. it can also be used to create a fake gpu information that will be dished out to these high-end games to make it look like you have an Nvidia or Snapdragon processor running on your phone, crazy! Right? Well, it’s such a genius application to make it possible to play high end games on your budget, mid-range android Smartphone.

However, the app requires you to have a rooted phone, as do most app that requires such administrative rights or privileges, not to worry we have got you covered, all you need do is to download Kingroot apk which roots 98% of android phones, on the occasion that it does not root your phone, visit after you are done with the rooting move on to the next steps.

Step 1. First of all, download GLTools from and install it

Step #2. After downloading and installing, you  will be prompted  to install one of two plug-ins, be sure to select the second plug-in, and not the one that says “this plug-in does nothing”. Afterwards, your device will reboot itself.

Step #3. Now that your phone has rebooted and has also installed the plug-in in the processing of rebooting, check applications and find GLTools. Open it up , it should bring up a list of all the application installed on your Android device, navigate to find the name of the game you will like to edit ,you should know that afterwards your most viewed applications/games will be  at the top of the list, so you can easily revert settings you’ve recently changed.

Step #4. Browse through the list to find a game that you’d like to edit the settings for, and then click it. and a list of other settings will ,now you will have several settings with unchecked boxes ,so click the checkbox that enables the custom settings for that specific app.

Step #5.Also, click the checkbox that says  Force 16-bit rendering and Optimize GLSL shaders, and also reduce the render resolution to 0.5x ,save the settings and exit your Gltools, go to the game shortcut on your menu page to open the edited application and you will notice the reduction in the graphical quality of the game.


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