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How to type while walking

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How to type while you walk

It sounds crazy! right? typing while crossing a public road, I don’t mean that kind of typing, that’s suicidal, what I mean is, typing or chatting on your phone with relative ease when going out for a stroll with other people without crashing or bumping into anybody, yes! that’s what I’m driving at, have you ever been so absorbed in a Whatsapp chat or Facebook chat or Telegram that you forget that you are walking in a public  place and may most likely bump into someone else who is going his or her own way and you have to apologize for ruining their shoes by stepping unconsciously on them or knocking them over because you are too engrossed in your chat? hmmm! I have been there severally, if you are lucky, the person might forgive you and accept your apologizes and if you are not….I don’t know, you might be punched in the face or insulted mercilessly in public because you asked for it by not concentrating on the road.

To save yourself the lengthy “I’m sorry, I just wasn’t looking at the road, didn’t see you coming, you just appeared out of nowhere” e.t.c. These are lame excuses ,but save yourself today by looking up “Type while you walk” on Google play store.

Type While you Walk is an android application that allows you to seamlessly continue your chat while walking through residential areas and also public places, the application uses your  smartphone’s back camera and front camera to view objects in front of you and behind you ,i.e. Take for instance you are about to head out into the streets and you don’t want to stop your chats on Whatsapp, you can simply open up your Type While you Walk application, there you will see a textbook where you are going to place your texts into and click share to post on your Whatsapp contacts, you will also notice that while texting Type while you Walk  allows you to view people coming in front of you using your phone’s back camera and also behind you using front camera.

Save yourself the excuse of knocking people over in public places by using Type while you walk today.

There are no requirement needed, just an android phone with a good front and back camera

Visit: Google Playstore to download or

If this has been useful, please comment and ask questions if you hit a stop while using this app.



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