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How to Increase Productivity (With Just Your Keyboard)

Whether you’re a programmer, office worker, or just a computer geek, check out these tips on how to increase productivity with just your keyboard alone.



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Let’s face it! Keyboards (and keypads) have to be the most fundamental part of a computer or any other hand-held GUI devices. Using an old dome style keyboard can be inefficient and uncomfortable.

There are many types of keyboards out there and amongst them an assortment of keyboard technologies in use (the standard 104-key chiclet form is the most common one).

So, are you getting the maximum productivity with the keyboard type and technique you are using right now?

Do you want to know how to make the most of your keyboard? To do your typing tasks more accurate and even make it faster/efficient to write your programs?

If you are looking for the answers to these questions above then read on to our tricks and tips below (if you want android tips check out our article here):


How a Better Keyboard Can Improve Programming & Work Productivity:

nightfox min 1024x1024 - How to Increase Productivity (With Just Your Keyboard)

How can a keyboard improve productivity? All keyboards are almost the same, so what is the point in seeking a supposedly good one?

These might be the questions lurking in your mind after reading the heading of this chapter. Well, take it this way: How would you feel when your keyboard stutters in the time of urgent need or work? When the switches have a weird grippy feeling to them. Or, when certain keys are just constantly stuck.

Will it not be frustrating for you when the strokes on your keyboard buttons make them sticky and hard, not to mention causing pain and even minor injuries to your fingers as a result of prolong use?

With a keyboard, it is all about the easiness and rapidity of typing which contributes to the improvisation of the task a user is undertaking on it, as well as increasing the overall productivity of the work.

Contemporary keyboard-layout technologies, for example, the TKL (tenkeyless) keyboards, has become an ideal choice for most people due to the efficiency, comfort, and ease-of-use this keyboard layout provides to the user.

Another consideration factor for a good keyboard is the set of programmable keys on it. According to the definition from the well-known & oldest computer topics website – Computer Hope –:

“A programmable function key is a single computer keyboard key capable of being programmed to perform a specific task.”

If you are into some serious typing work on a regular basis, you should have a keyboard that makes your typing tasks as easy as possible.


Some Ideal Keyboards for Work & Programming


TKL (tenkeyless) Keyboards

71r9qQf59AL. SL1500  - How to Increase Productivity (With Just Your Keyboard)

Let’s first discuss this particular keyboard layout technology. TKL keyboards are compact, lightweight, comfortable, and highly suitable for typing, programming, and gaming tasks. TKL keyboards do not have the “tenkey” section, famously known as the numpad or the number pad. See the image below:

22 Keys USB Mini Mechanical Numeric Keypad Digital Keyboard Numpad For iMac MacBook Air Pro Laptop - How to Increase Productivity (With Just Your Keyboard)



The benefit of using a TKL keyboard, as we have mentioned above, is that you will get considerable free space on your desk, ease of use, and fast-performing essential set of keys.

The other remarkable benefit you will get is an overall increase in ergonomics, which sufficiently decreases chances of human error and increases the productivity of the work.

The next form factor in a TKL keyboard, or any other for that matter, is the set of programmable keys. Some TKL keyboards, though by their design they do not fall into this category, still retain a “tenkeyless” operation just by having the right set of programmable function keys.

adesso keyboard f keys - How to Increase Productivity (With Just Your Keyboard)

If your keyboard has the right set of function keys, you are in for some great one-key functionality features which save both the time and extra effort. So, if you are looking for lots of free space with value-added features to enhance your work productivity then go for TKL keyboards (check out a good TKL list here). Of course, if your work requires lots of numbers, then I highly recommend a full-sized mechanical (see below).

Dome-Switch Keyboards:

147939 ibmKey13 - How to Increase Productivity (With Just Your Keyboard)
Another keyboard technology which is there since the days of the “home computer boom” in the 1980s. Although its look and feel have changed drastically since the early days of computing, the Dome-Switched keyboards are still a great addition to many home and office users.

They are light-weight, easier to type, and does portray a very scenic design.

Dome-Switch keyboard is widely considered a cross-production of both membrane and mechanical keyboard technologies.

The key cups used in a Dome-Switch keyboard are either made up of metal or polyurethane, an organic chemical substance used to make numerous products.

Dome-Switch boards have gained the backing of many keyboard users around the world because of their strong tactile feedback.

This ability significantly decreases the chances of typos and helps in improving the accuracy of typing.

This type of keyboard is known to last at least 5 million cycles, so you buy and forget about for a long long time. Looking to get robustness and increased lifespan? Consider buying a Dome-Switch keyboard.


Mechanical-Switch Keyboards:

63d6e74f9a8a4dbaaae6dcaed0b76479 - How to Increase Productivity (With Just Your Keyboard)

This keyboard technology can fairly be said to have a mega resurgence in the keyboard market. Once considered a niche-specific keyboard device, mechanical keyboards are now one of the most sought-after keyboards in the market, and there are some fair reasons for this attention as well.

Mechanical keyboards, as the name suggests, use entirely mechanical-made switches. A metal spring is used to hold and operate the entire mechanics of the button that are made up of plastic.

As compared to the most other types of keyboard technologies, Mechanical ones offer the longest lifespan and most customization options for the user, not to mention improving the overall typing abilities.

One of the great quality of a mechanical keyboard is its ability to adapt to any kind of use, be it professional or entertainment usage. You generally don’t find this quality in most of the other keyboards out there. So, if you are looking for real robustness, high customization, and varied usage, look no further then Mechanical keyboards.

A Few Useful Keyboard Hacks:

image - How to Increase Productivity (With Just Your Keyboard)

Here are some quick keyboard hacks and tips which will help your typing skills and increase overall productivity:

  • Learn basic keyboard shortcuts for all popular programs.
  • Use all of your ten fingers on the keyboard. This will help increase your speed and lessen error factor. You can use these online typing services to help yourself.
  • Learn to type without looking at the keyboard. This will greatly enhance your typing speed and make you a master of using a keyboard.
  • To close all of your running programs at once, press Win + M button on your keyboard. It will save your time as you will not need to go inside each program to close it singly.
  • Press Ctrl+F4 and all of the running MS Office applications will be shut down right away.



As seen above, keyboards go way deeper than you would expect. Mechanical keyboards can improve not only performance but your overall experience. Switches are great for faster input and programmable keys can help automate repetitive typing tasks.

Moreover, using simple things like hotkeys, function keys, and a durable keyboard can easily double your work productivity.

If this article has been helpful, share it with the people in your circle! Who knows, maybe they can be able to increase their own work productivity from the tips given here as well.

Please do share us your thoughts on this piece in the comments section as well.


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