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How to repair and retrieve your lost data on your memory card

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Having a corrupted SD card can be very troubling and unsettling , especially when it is houses a lot of videos, documents and pictures that you hold dear.

To be candid, the thought of losing everything you’ve stored on your memory card can send an airy chill down your spine, for some it’s a long road of frustration. But not to worry, there are trusted ways to get your pictures videos and documents retrieved.

Before you start going all angry in your poor memory card or breaking it in two, first try to test run the memory card by using a USB memory card reader on your computer to see if it will recognize the card.

How to test the SD card?

Plug the data cable for the USB adapter into your computer and the other end into your phone, make sure your Android is set to be recognized automatically after plugging to computer

Now wait for Windows to automatically recognize the device and assign a drive letter to it and click twice on the drive letter that Windows assigned to the device.

This could either work or not, so If it happens that you’re able to access your data, the card is working,good for you, but if not, then you have to  read on.

Do you not lose hope or destroy the memory card, ssincethecomputer doesn’t recognise the corrupted card, you’ll have to force a repair by making use of the Windows “chkdsk” program.

Follow the instructions to repair your SD card by making use of the Windows “chkdsk” program

How to repair corrupted memory card using Chkdsk program

1. To use the Chkdsk program,right click on the Windows button if you are using Windows 10  on your taskbar, if you get format this drive errors, Just ignore and continue, look for “run” after right clicking on Windows button on task bar

Type “cmd” in the text box and click “OK” to bring up a command prompt box.

Type the “chkdsk” command and specify the drive letter to check, followed by “/r.” The resulting command is expected to look like this example: chkdsk e: /r.

Press “Enter” to execute the command and check the memory card for errors.

2. Wait for the “chkdsk” program to complete check

Type the letter “Y” on your keyboard to allow the program to continue with the check as this will make it possible for you to fix the errors and recognize the files and directories in your SD card.

Choose the “Yes” option to save lost chains into the file when “chkdsk” is done checking the SD card.

After doing this the ,”chkdsk” will display all your lost data files that have been repaired and retrieved.

3. Now go to desktop and click on “Computer”

Look for the new drive letter assigned to your memory card

Afterwards, the repaired and retrieved  files will be displayed and you’ll be able to access them again on the memory card.

Remove SD card from the card reader and insert to your phone to access the memory card.

How to avoid corruption of your memory in the future

Avoid removing your memory card without turning on/off your camera or other devices.

Avoid removing your memory card while viewing any media.

Don’t change your memory card when using camera


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