How to stop receiving / sending DMs on Instagram when someone tags you in a feed post

Annoyed? Can you stop it from happening? Is there an option in your Instagram settings to stop receiving or sending DMs to people when you tag them?

I’m creating this blog post to keep you guys updated with this new feature.

You might have noticed that now, every time you tag someone on a post, they receive a DM that you tagged them.

Now the big question is:

Can you turn it off?

Can you stop sending DMs every time you tag someone on a post?

Or can you stop receiving DMs when someone tags you?

Let’s talk about:

Let’s start.

The solution?

I’m sorry, but there’s no solution at this time.

There’s no setting yet on Instagram yet to turn this off.

But keep reading.

What’s next?

I will keep this blog post up-to-date.

If I find a way in our settings to turn it off, I will let you know.

Let us know too in the comments below if you find a trick!

Should you keep tagging people?

I receive a LOT of DMs everyday from people tagging us in their post.

Do I mind?

Actually… no.

I get to see and interact with more posts than before!

You might actually get the attention of big accounts. They could share your posts in their Stories, or like / comment on your post. Which is amazing for you.

But of course, some people might get annoyed. I get it.

You can always try to message the person and ask something like:

Hey, do you mind if I keep tagging you on my posts? I know some people find it annoying to receive DMs non-stop, but I would love to tag you / your brand so my followers can check you out too.

An alternative

If you don’t want to tag people on your post anymore, you can always tag them in your caption – not the post.

That’s it!

I’ll let you know if there’s a way to stop sending / receiving DMs when tagging.

Let us know too in the comments below if you find a trick!

Until next time, see you on Instagram!