Instagram Hashtags for Self-Love, Self-Care & Mental Health

Best self-love, self-care, mental health, confidence, motivation Instagram hashtags to join supportive communities and grow your account.

I don’t know about you but self-love and self-care have become a big part of our lives since 2020 hit.

Good that we had social media to connect with people while we stayed at home.

And good that we can go through hashtags to find people who share their self-care tips, ideas, motivation and inspiration during tough times.

Whether you want to share your part of your self-love journey, or you are a coach trying to help others, I’m going to show you these wonderful hashtags:

  • Self-Love Instagram hashtags
  • Self-Care Instagram hashtags
  • Self-Growth Instagram hashtags
  • Wellbeing and Wellness Instagram hashtags
  • Self-Development Instagram hashtags
  • Motivation Instagram hashtags
  • Positivity Instagram hashtags
  • Mental Health Instagram hashtags
  • Instagram hashtags for coaches
  • Love hashtags

These are the hashtags the self-care community uses on Instagram.

All the hashtags are inside Preview app .

Before I show you the hashtags, let me show you where to find them in Preview.

Where are the self-love Instagram hashtags in Preview?

In case you don’t know about it, Preview is an app that allows you to plan your feed in advance. One of the most useful features in it is the Hashtag Finder .

self love instagram hashtags

There are hashtags for almost any kind of posts.

And it’s not just another Instagram hashtag generator that gives you random, super general hashtag suggestions.

Each hashtag has been researched and handpicked – by a human.

There are no mega general, weird hashtags or banned or blocked hashtags.

You can use Preview on your phone or on your computer .

I’m going to show you the phone app.

Open your caption :

self love instagram hashtags

Press on Find Hashtags :

self love instagram hashtags

Type Self love in the search bar:

self love instagram hashtags

The hashtags are neatly organized into groups .

As you can see below, there are different hashtag groups recommended for self love posts.

These are the hashtags that the self-love community uses on Instagram.

self love instagram hashtags

How to add the hashtags to your caption?

You have 2 options:

  1. Add All : Press on Add All to add all the hashtags from a group in your caption, or
  2. Select hashtags one by one : Press on a hashtag to only add this one to your caption.
self love instagram hashtags

Tip : You can mix and match hashtags from different hashtag group, to create your own unique hashtag group.

So what self-love Instagram hashtags can you use?

Here is a list of some of the most popular ones.

Self-Love Instagram hashtags

This hashtag group compiles all the core Self-Love Instagram hashtags.

These are for you if you want to post about your self-love journey, routine, tips or if you are a self-love blogger.

self love instagram hashtags

Self-Care Instagram hashtags

A lot of self-love accounts also use self-care hashtags.

self love instagram hashtags

Self-Growth Instagram hashtags

Do you want to share your self-growth journey? There are hashtags for this too!

You can share what you’ve learned and how you have transformed. Use these hashtags so that people who are looking for self-growth tips and inspiration can find you.

self love instagram hashtags

Wellbeing and Wellness Instagram hashtags

Self-love is a part of our wellbeing.

So you can use the Wellbeing and Wellness hashtags that are in the app. The wellbeing and wellness communities are thriving on Instagram, through these hashtags.

self love instagram hashtags self love instagram hashtags

Self-Development Instagram hashtags

If you feel like switching up your hashtags or want to talk about self-development specifically, feel free to use the Self Development hashtags.

self love instagram hashtags

Motivation Instagram hashtags

Check the Motivation hashtags if you are sharing motivational quotes or motivation posts.

self love instagram hashtags

Positivity Instagram hashtags

Other hashtags the self-love community love to use are the Positivity hashtags.

self love instagram hashtags

Mental Health Instagram hashtags

If you want to help people with their mental health, use the Mental Health hashtags.

self love instagram hashtags

Instagram hashtags for coaches

If you are a coach, there are different hashtag groups you can use, depending on your niche.

I recommend checking these groups:

  • Life Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Spiritual Business Women
  • Light Worker
  • Healer
  • Holistic Health
  • Holistic Coach
  • Mindset Coach
self love instagram hashtags self love instagram hashtags self love instagram hashtags

Love hashtags

And last but not least, if you are looking for core love hashtags, like love yourself hashtags, have a look at the Love hashtag group.

self love instagram hashtags

That’s it!

There are many more hashtags in Preview, if you ever post about other things (like healthy food, health, nutrition, slow living, etc…).

I will let you explore.

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