Instagram Hashtags for Stationery & Planners

Save your time. Copy and Paste these Instagram Hashtags for Stationery & Planners. Or schedule them to post with your photos or videos.

Hashtags can help you grow your Instagram account drastically.

So what are some effective hashtags for stationery, journaling and planner lovers?

All the hashtags are in Preview App .

And they work:

instagram hashtags for stationery

Let’s talk about:

  1. Instagram hashtags for stationery and planners
  2. Where to find the hashtags?

Let’s start.

Instagram hashtags for stationery and planners

The hashtags in Preview are organized into groups .

Use hashtags that:

  • Describe what is on your photo / video
  • What you sell
  • Your ideal customers or audience use

Here are the hashtag groups I recommend:

instagram hashtags for stationery
  1. Stationery: This group has the core hashtags for stationery lovers
  2. Stationery Shop: Core hashtags for stationery stores
  3. Planner: Core hashtags for planner lovers
  4. Digital Planner: if you want digital planner lovers to also see physical planners
  5. Studygram: Amazing community of people showing off their planners and study setups
  6. Book-related hashtags: Book lovers usually love beautiful stationery too

If you want to connect with people who care about journaling , use these hashtags:

instagram hashtags for stationery
  • Bullet Journal: Amazing community of stationery lovers
  • Gratitude
  • Positivity
  • Mental Health
  • Slow Living
  • Wellbeing
  • Wellness
  • Self-Love
  • Self-Care

If your ideal customers are business people, use these hashtags:

instagram hashtags for stationery
  • Business-related hashtags: If your ideal customers are business people (see Business Woman, Entrepreneur, Creative Business, Work From Home)
  • Productivity
  • Goal
  • Self-Development
  • Self-Growth
  • Success

Where are the hashtags?

You can use Preview on your phone or computer.

Open your caption:

instagram hashtags for stationery

Press on Find Hashtags :

instagram hashtags for stationery

Type a keyword in the search bar (like Planner):

instagram hashtags for stationery instagram hashtags for stationery

Ready to add hashtags in your post?

  1. Press Add All to use all the hashtags for this hashtag group, or
  2. Press on an individual hashtag to only use that one
instagram hashtags for stationery

That’s it!

Click here to use Preview

And have fun creating your posts!