Instagram with 4 grids? How does it look like? Is it really going to happen?

4 grids on Instagram? Why? How is it going to look like? Will it really mess your feed? FORECAST & DESIGN TIPS.

Is it really going to happen?

Ok let’s talk about it. Is Instagram going to be 4 grids? Will they add a fourth column?

Tell me in the comments: What do you think about having 4 grids? Good or bad?

I’m going to tell you:

    Why 4 grids might actually be good (and bad) My theme designs with 4 columns Our forecast

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Like our good old friend Socrates once said: The secret of change is to focus all our energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Change always hurts.

But you know what?

We all have to deal with it.
So if Instagram really changes to 4 grids, let’s stay positive. Let’s take this as an opportunity to be even more creative and to build on the new.

What are your thoughts? What did you think about my feed designs with the 4 grids?

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