Twitter makes ‘tweetstorms’ easier with ‘threads’

by Mike Shiangalaon December 17, 2017
Twitter said Tuesday said it would make it easier for users to build “tweetstorms” by linking together posts in “threads” to expound at length at the famously short-form messaging service. The move comes just a month after Twitter rattled the twitterverse by doubling the limit for tweets in most languages to 280 characters, in a […]

Egypt has launched its first locally-built smartphone with China’s help

by Mike Shiangalaon December 14, 2017
Last week, in a lavish ceremony President Abdel Fattah El Sisi was handed the first locally made smartphone called Nile X, which is designed for the Egyptian consumer. In his push for investment in the technology sector, Sisi’s administration has supported an Egyptian Silicon Valley in Assiut, deep in the country’s impoverished southern region, to jump-start […]

Safaricom 4G network now available in all counties

by Mike Shiangalaon December 11, 2017
Safaricom has announced that its high-speed 4G network is now available in all 47 counties with the number of customers enjoying the service now standing at one million. The telecom provider said its multi-billion shilling investment in the high-speed network since its launch in December 2014 had seen the business achieve 1,400 4G sites, covering […]

Faiba launches data focused 4G mobile network

by Editorial Staffon December 8, 2017
Faiba is the new kid in the mobile network space in Kenya. The new mobile operator is owned by Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL) under the brand name Faiba 4G. JTL acquired a 4G license, on the 700Mhz spectrum, which has made Faiba 4G possible. Faiba 4G is data focused and services will be offered on […]

Celebrities Now Provide Personal Answers to Important Questions on Google Search

by Editorial Staffon December 8, 2017
Going straight to the list of things I didn’t think was ever necessary, celebrities are getting some A-list treatment over on Google Search. To give you an example of what’s happening, let’s say you Google, “Can Will Ferrell really play the drums?” Thanks to this new “feature,” Mr. Ferrell himself will now provide the answer […]

Lagos is set to overtake Nairobi as Africa’s startup capital

by Editorial Staffon November 29, 2017
As Africa’s tech startups and their founders go about creating disrupting industries or, in some cases, building new ones, they’ve typically tended to mushroom across three major ecosystems: Nairobi, Cape Town, and Lagos. But over the past year, Lagos’ claim as the continent’s startup epicenter has gained currency. For starters, it’s the continent’s most valuable ecosystem with its […]

Razer Phone Lacks Headphone Jack, But We Got a Much Bigger Battery Because of It

by Editorial Staffon November 28, 2017
According to Min-Liang Tan, the company was able to include a much larger battery by removing the jack. He estimates the phone got a bump in battery size of about 500mAh, thanks to the removal. Not only that, but the accompanying DAC with THX certification is apparently so sweet that Tan feels that Razer was […]

UC Browser is now now back in the Play Store

by Editorial Staffon November 24, 2017
Finally, after a week, UC Browser is now back on the Play Store. Last week, Google pulled it off due to some issues and now it is finally back to the Store. Users now can easily download or update their UC Browser from the Play Store. The version which is now available for download is […]