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Everything You Need to Know about Google’s Android O

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Last year, Google set yet another benchmark for mobile operating systems with the Android Nougat, and apparently they have outdone themselves yet again.

Recently, Google announced the developer preview of their latest mobile operating system dubbed the Android O. According to sources the internet giant is made extended battery life and optimum device interface their priority, and the new update will provide end users with convenience levels they could previously only imagine.

This announcement has been made exactly a year after their previous operating system and is currently not available to the public at large. This is the first noticeable change in Google’s strategy behind their new mobile operating system as they did not immediately allow users to update their phones to the Android O. Previously end users were allowed to upgrade the Nougat even though it was still in its testing stages, but this time around Google has still not made any over the air updates.

A step in the right direction, as this means that Google will launch the operating system once it is perfect and can seamlessly integrate with all android operating platforms. Most of the developer documentation is still in lock down as Google is still working out the last few intricate details before launching their latest mobile operating system. But we have still accumulated the potential features of the Android O from legit sources, these features are mentioned below.

Core features of the Android O

The following are the core features of the Android O,

  • Bluetooth audio:

The latest update will support high quality audio codecs and will improve the overall quality of Bluetooth connections.

  • Adaptive Icons:

The new update will provide developers with the freedom to creative interactive icons for applications. This will allow the developers to create adaptive icons with a variety of interface facets and can control how the system will display them. Developers will also have the freedom to choose different icons for different phones, which will accentuate the phones interface on many different levels.

  • Auto Fill applications:

Another core feature of the new update is the auto fill application, previously auto fill was only limited to passwords, credentials and default keyboards. But now users will be able to auto fill application forms in a matter of seconds. Gone are those days when you had to individually fill the prerequisites of every application.

  • Notifications:

Probably the most profound feature of Android O is providing users the ability to choose which kinds of notifications are allowed from applications. Previously, users could only turn on or close notifications such as push notifications settings, but now they can streamline the type of notifications that they would like on their screen. Besides this, there are many visual changes which will be included to improve the aesthetic facet of the notifications.

  • Background limits:

The latest android system will include additional automatic limits on applications that are running in the background. This will allow developers to introduce applications that do not compromise the phones battery and performance.

While it look amazing on paper, only time can tell just how efficient this new update will be and whether Android O will surpass its predecessors in terms of reception.

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