Jeff Bezos of Amazon now the World’s Richest man

updated on August 7th, 2017 at 02:35 pm

You’ve probably heard of Amazon,a u.s based online largest store for the past 22 yrs.
Jeff Bezos the creator of Amazon has just earned himself a title of the worlds richest man taking it from Bill Gates who held this title since 2013.
Jeff Bezos is worth $90.6 billion which is just a $0.5 billion above Bill Gates net worth.
Mr Bezos’ immense wealth suffered a something of a setback last month when his company’s share price fell more than 3% , wiping $2.6bn (£2bn) off his net worth.
The 53-year-old founded in 1994 and initially operated the company from his garage…just as Steve jobs the founder of Apple.
He retains a 17% stake in the company which has increased its value by 40% this year.
In June, he invited direct comparison with Mr Gates by asking people on Twitter to help him with ideas for philanthropy .
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