Jumia Black Friday discounts are here once again.


updated on August 11th, 2017 at 01:37 pm

Africa’s largest online shopping mall,Jumia has promised a 12 day shopping discounts of up to 90% off Black Friday
products for it’s customers starting today till 25th of this month.

What Does Black Friday Exactly Mean ?

as known to many,is the day after Thanks Giving in the U.S during which consumers are drawn to special offers by retailers.

The first use of the term ‘Black-Friday’
was not during shopping but rather a gold financial crisis of the U.S market on September 24th 1869.

jumia black friday
Jumia rolled out this offer in most African countries back in 2013 serving millions and millions of customers on this single day.

The original day of Black Friday
in the U.S and other contries that take part in the event is on 25th of this month.

Last year people complained of Jumia website crashing due to huge Numbers of customers trying to order at once and therefore Jumia decided to spread this event into 12 days so as to cater for everyone trying to shop.

What Products Are On Discount?

As Jumia revealed that starting today,more products will be added for this huge discounts,it’s quite clear that Laptops,Smartphones,Tv’s,Game Consoles,Cameras,Fridges and Clothings
will be on offer during this 12 day Jumia Black Friday.

jumia black friday discounts
How To Make Money Off This Day.

Some people don’t purchase things just because they need them……but because they want to make profit off them by selling.

Thousands of people are down this route especially when unemployment has increased over the past few years.

How Do They Do it?

This is no Magic or political science for even the dummiest person to understand.

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Business-minded individuals buy products on Jumia during Black Friday
and later sell them making a dascent amount of profit…..Sometimes three times the Cost price.

Taking an example of Injoo Smartphones that have hit The African market this year,the latest Injoo smartphone would cost you about $130 in a shop.

On Black Friday,Jumia can sell this phone at $40 and if you decide to later resell it at a throw away price of say around $100,you would make a profit of $60.

Imagine doing this on 10…20….30……or even more than 50 products!!

Most of people using this technique are reselling their products on OLX
at discounted prices but still making huge profits.

How To Get This Products.

With Jumia,the only thing you are required to do is placing an order
through their website or mobile application.

They accept M-Pesa or Credit card payments;Whichever you prefer.

There’s free delivery on small merchandise within major cities and why not get yours at the door step?

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