Jumia Scamming Kenyans with the Ksh.5 Samsung Galaxy S8

Well,every Kenyan citizen or at least most of us Kenyans who are quite active on social media are aware that jumia,the largest African online store is selling out one Samsung smartphone (Galaxy S8) each day for Ksh.5..($0.05)
Yeah you heard that right……….. Ksh.5..($0.05)
Have you ever imagined buying a phone… let alone a smartphone….a simple kabambe phone for ksh.5!!…
Didn’t think so
Kenyans have decided to visit jumia every day at 8am to get a portion of this amazing gift but whether the phone is actually there remains a mystery.
On Monday,it was announced that Andrew won and yesterday on Tuesday,a guy by the name Paul is said to be the winner of this amazing phone.
Whether this competition is a scam…i wouldn’t know for sure because I’ve not spoken to anyone who has won this phone.
Here are some screenshots of messages written by Kenyans on Facebook..
I’ll let you be the judge of whether the competition is transparent or not.

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Eliud Mambo

I hope not Mercy..though I must admit its rather hard to find the phone

Mercy Malaika
Mercy Malaika

😁😂😂😂😂Jumia are enjoying us guys