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Reddit Redesigning to look more like Facebook

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In news reddit, the news aggregator giant after raising $200 million in new venture funding says it’s ready to catch up with the rest of the internet by undergoing a polished redesign.

The money has been donated by a number of Silicon Valley firms and individual investors, meaning the company’s overall value currently sits around the $1.8 billion USD mark. Reddit launched in 2005 and has remained much the same in terms of appearance, but co-founder Steve Huffman has confirmed the site will now undergo a full aesthetic overhaul.

News reddit confirms that the 12-year-old company, which calls itself “the front page of the internet” and boasts more than 300 million monthly users, has raised an additional $200 million in venture capital funding that gives Reddit a valuation of nearly $1.8 billion. A Reddit spokesperson confirmed the details of the funding round to Fortune after tech news site Recode first reported the news on Monday afternoon.

Reddit CEO Huffman told Recode that the company plans to spend some of the new funding on redesigning its main website, including rewriting all of the site’s decade-old code. The goal is to create something similar to Facebook’s News Feed and Twitter’s timelines, with content appearing in a continuous feed with more visuals meant to draw in users. “We want Reddit to be more visually appealing,” Huffman said in the interview. The company may want to be careful on that front, especially considering the fact that Reddit’s users have been known to revolt against any major changes.

“We want Reddit to be more visually appealing,” Huffman told our reporters at news reddit, “so when new users come to Reddit, they have a better sense of what’s there, what it’s for.”

An earlier version of Reddit’s new design, according to Recode, looked similar to Facebook or Twitter‘s feed, where a never-ending stream of content organized into “cards” included visual elements that seem to draw people into the discussion hidden beneath.

From today news reddit can confirm that reddit is going to start offering users a new profile page design that will let them make posts directly to the pages themselves (not just communities), and Reddit users who are logged in will be able to follow the profile for new posts.

First of all, the redditors getting the new feature will be able to post to their own profiles, which is a change from existing rules that require you to post to communities. The posts, Reddit says, will combine what the profile holders make both to their own page as well as to communities.

The pages sound like they will be more dynamic: a more prominent avatar, a description about themselves, along with the posts.

You will have to be logged in to follow the new profile pages, and when you do, their posts will appear in your own “home page” (“front page” in Reddit’s terminology).

You will be able to comment on these profile posts but not create new posts on someone else’s profile page. The pages will be moderated by those who create them and whoever they authorize to administrate them.

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