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Wireless Charging To Be More Effective On iPhone With The New iOS 11

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Wireless charging is nice,  essential and really unique feature to have. It’s slightly more convenient than reaching for your charging cable; giving that you just need to place your iPhone on a wireless charging pad as if it were resting on a table. No plugging or unplugging necessary, but that’s the only benefit to going wireless, at least for now.

In theory, wireless charging should also mean faster charging, so that you can replenish you phone’s battery in less time. But as we see in the chart below from an Apple Insider. The difference between charging your iPhone 8 with the standard 5 watt power cable that’s included and using a 7.5 watt wireless charging pad is negligible.

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Chart Showing Similarities between wired and wireless iPhone charging

Both methods take about two and a half hours to reach 98% fully charged. During a quick 15 minute charging session, you’ll get an extra 2 percentage points of power. This basically means it might not make sense to buy a wireless charger for your iPhone 8 because wireless charging on the iPhone 8 is just as slow as the included charger, although Apple could change that in the near future with the introduction of the iOS 11.


This explains the lack of need to purchase the wireless chargers from Apple except of course the convenience of wireless charging appeals to you. It may also be noted that Android phones have had wireless charging for years, even though Apple only now introduced the feature for its new iPhone 8 and iPhone X models.

However, the iPhone 8’s wireless charging speed it set to change in the near future, as Apple plans to roll out an iOS 11 software update later this year that will allow its new iPhones to accept up to 7.5W of wireless charge, according to the loop although Apple is yet to get back to public and confirm this.

So finally in the mean time if you are in urgent need  of power on your iPhone in the shortest possible time , then try any of the following: Plug the iPhone 8 directly into a USB-C Mac computer using Apple’s USB-C Lightening cable, Use or buy the 12W Charger that comes with Retina iPads (you can use the regular Lightning cable that came with your iPhone), Buy Apple’s 29W Charger with Apple’s USB-C-to-Lightning cable or buy a third party USB-C Charger with Power Delivery (you’d also need to buy Apple’s USB-C-to-Lightning cable)

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