9 Google tricks you need to try out.
9 Google tricks you need to try out.

9 Google tricks you need to try out.

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Are you aware that there are some weird google tricks you need to be checking out ASAP!!
Without wasting any time,here are weird google tricks you need to try before google updates its API’s once again.



do-a-barrel-roll-450x242 9 Google tricks you need to try out.

Try searching on google the term “Do a barrel roll”.
The results page will rotate by just entering this phrase and start turning in a clock-wise direction.



askew-450x242 9 Google tricks you need to try out.

If you type the word “Askew” and search for it on google,the results page will tilt to a certain angle onto one side.




Capture-450x213 9 Google tricks you need to try out.


Type this word and you will notice everything floating….haha…you heard it right….everything begins to float..try it if you don’tbelieve me.




gshpare-450x254 9 Google tricks you need to try out.

With this trick,everything is pushed around google’s search bar.




Untitled25255B925255D-450x239 9 Google tricks you need to try out.


As it’s possible to perfom simple mathematical problems such as 27+76 using google’s search bar,it’s also possible to perfom complex equations such as those on graphs.

How is this even possible?

Continue reading to find out how it’s done.

copy the code below and paste it on google to search.


and wait for the magic!!

You can also send the graph to your loved ones if you like.




googlehiddentrickssecretcommandrecursion-450x214 9 Google tricks you need to try out.


It’s common for you to see ‘did you mean….’ if you mispel a term while searching on google.

The did you mean part won’t go away.



maxresdefault-450x253 9 Google tricks you need to try out.

This is an interesting game to pass time with.
Just type the word ‘Atari breakout’ and choose images to start playing.


play-solitaire-google-search-450x267 9 Google tricks you need to try out.

If you own any Windows computer you must be farmiliar with this game.
Search for ‘solitaire’ and enjoy playing.




5359-182047-Google-Gravity-I-feel-Lucky-Magic 9 Google tricks you need to try out.


This won’t work on google’s search page thus you will search for ‘google gravity’ and go to the website to see this trick.

Google might update their API’s anytime causing some of the tricks above to stop working.

Do leave me a coment below if you notice a trick that does not work.

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About The Author

Techprenuer/internet marketer born and raised in Kenya with an ever developing love for Smartphones and Technology in general.

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  • I have to read this post more than once to understand your trick tips about Google. But it sounds really funny I would try it out.

  • FS

    Did not really know about this. Thanks for sharing.

  • The creators of Google always have so much fun. Did you know that the company gives them a percentage of their work time to work on their own projects for fun? That’s how Google Earth and so many other fun programs came about. The power of letting people explore their creativity is amazing.

  • pospi

    thanks for this helpful tips. They were many things i was ignorant about google. But i now got it.

  • I have tried the heart. ahahah I like it. I even sent it to my friends for them to see it. I have tried the gravity somewhat years ago so it’s not new to me but sure these tricks are awesome!

  • Before read your post i was completely unaware about these coolest hidden of google, your post is very helpful and full of knowledge for us. Go to googlemaps and ask for direction from “the shire” to “mordor” – and select to walk there….now look at the first row :))

  • That’s fun, will try them out, some don’t work on my Google.

    • Mike Shiangala

      try using chrome

  • A .Antovska

    Haha.., it seems like fun! I never try things like this but I will check come of your tricks! 🙂

  • This sounds like fun! Omg I played so much Solitaire on my first windows PC when I was a child…

  • Leticia

    Ooh this was so interesting, thank you for sharing! I never knew there were so many secret things you could do on google ☺️ Tishhlah x

    • Mike Shiangala

      yea..thanks for stopping by

  • Gourav

    Never new about these tricks. I am trying them right away. Thanks

    • Mike Shiangala

      Thanks for reading!