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Best internet service providers in Kenya



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There are many internet service providers Kenya from which one can subscribe. It is however tedious to settle on the most appropriate ISP with the diversity. It is worth mentioning that most businesses now run with the help of the internet, without which they will crumple. Before choosing an ISP, it is helpful to take into consideration an array of factors which are not limited the cost. Regardless of the types of internet service providers, the following factors are beneficial to consider.

Internet Reliability and Speed

Fast internet connections are more desirable but even more, reliability. For most professional applications, an internet should have a high bandwidth of at least 10 Mbps. Before subscribing to an ISP it is always a good practice to ask whether the internet is fairly shared or dedicated.

To find out the internet speed, access the website and do multiple tests to confirm the signal strength and make an informed choice. Dedicated connection implies an exclusive bandwidth allocation while shared connection implies that you will reach an equal fraction of bandwidth being accessed at the time.

For instance, if a bandwidth of 40 Mbps is holistically accessed by 8 users, each of the user with automatically be allocated 5 Mbps. If 3 users eventually opt out of the connection, the remaining 5 users will use 5 Mbps each. Dedicated connection on the other hand are inflexible bandwidth allocation.

Additional Services and Bundled Resources

It advisable to check if the internet service provider offers extra services that can potentially subsidize the subscription costs. Firstly, check if the ISP cover phone, Television and internet services because this is a good way to save more and lower your expenses, while accessing your services reliably.

Internet Security solutions

Even with advanced technology, internet connection continue to pose much risks to its consumers. When connected online, a business becomes vulnerable to cyber threats which may sometimes be costly to deal with. High security levels should always be a preliminary cause when deciding on the ISP plan to buy. Secure internet service providers deliver added services such as antivirus, anti-spam, anti-malware, backup protection plans, and anti-spyware. Backup plans are important in cases where systems are all hacked and or information gets corrupted. Cloud storages offer reliable means of storing sensitive information as opposed to hard drives, flash memories and print.

Customer support services

At some point, internet supply will experience technical hitches. As a result, this may adversely inconvenience your plans and schedules. Without proper internet service provider customer care services, clients become upset or even stranded as they count on losses. As much as this is an inevitable experience, it is better to choose an internet service provider who demonstrates high levels of responsibility and accountability. It is always easier to work with a responsive internet service provider.


Zuku is a pioneering brand that operates under Wananchi Group offering an array of services in television and internet. Zuku has a market share of about 40% in fiber home internet connection with speeds of up to 50 Mbps. Zuku offers several packages of internet to its clients with a range of pricing beginning at KEs. 3,000.

Most of these packages are creatively blended and customized to meet the needs of various target groups. The firm also offers personalized plans according to the underlying needs. Notably, internet plans offered at Zuku are mostly unlimited.


This is one of the most popular internet service providers in Kenya. Safaricom mainly provides bundled internet services which are mostly capped. However, Safaricom recently unleashed home fiber connections. This latter services is only limited to major towns and estates and is accessible only by a few users.

Safaricom is equally set to launch set-top boxes to supply wireless internet via their fast 4G network on smart televisions. Apparently, Safaricom has fiber to home connectivity of 5 Mbps at KEs. 3000 running in Nyayo Estate, Nairobi.


Airtel connects home wireless router which serves up to 8 users at a cost of KEs. 4000 per month. Airtel office wireless routers connects up to 35 users at a go.


Now Telkom, Orange offers various unlimited internet plans with specified data caps specified under fair usage policy commonly known as FUP. A case in point of a capped plan is weekly subscription of 10GB at KEs. 1000. Upon exhaustion, the user is still allowed to browse the internet at a restricted speed of 256 Kbps. For KEs. 3000, you can get 30 GB data cap valid for one month.


This internet service provider operates under Jamii Telcom offering business internet connectivity mostly in Nairobi. Faiba internet is highly limited to select locations within the city.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to find the best or cheapest internet service provider in the country depending on your needs.

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