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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs & Price in Kenya,Nigeria & Ghana

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs & Price in Kenya,Nigeria & Ghana

by Mike ShiangalaAugust 10, 2017
Having received a major flop with the Galaxy Note 7,Samsung is back again with a Galaxy Note 8 and yes it won’t explode like its former.
It’s expected to be announced on August but you might start seeing this phone in your favorite store as late as September or November in other countries.
The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be the best phone Samsung has ever produced and rumor has it that this device might be fold able… let’s wait and see whether this is true or not.
We expect nothing less than a 6.3 inch device from Samsung having seen the S8 was 6.2 inches in size.
With a 6GB of Ram and 64/128GB of internal storage, this is the right device to topple off Apple’s iPhone 8 and take that first position for the best phone of the year.
Below are some speculated features we expect from Galaxy Note 8 come September.
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