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Why Wi-Fi kill android application should be part of your favorite apps

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WiFiKill - Why Wi-Fi kill android application should be part of your favorite apps
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Have you ever been connected to a public Wi-Fi and it just keeps getting slower by the minute?Have you ever tried downloading a huge file over Wi-Fi and your download speed crawled to a stop? Well, I have been on the receiving end of all these and it just keeps getting worse, so one day I scavenged the internet looking for answers and probably mean solutions that will make my download experience over Wi-Fi one to always look forward to,this was when I discovered Wi-Fi kill, an app which is a beast when it comes to improving my download speed,however the application is not for the faint hearted, but for geeks who will go all the way to snuff out the very best out of a public Wi-Fi.

Are you faint-hearted?if no, continue reading as this app take you right through some mulky-waters, before using the application, you should know that the app’s name “Wi-Fi kill” is not for decoration purpose but what it does is to access other users on the same Wi-Fi address as you and…….kill their Wi-Fi connection,that’s mean, right?well I did tell you you will definitely have to step on people’s toes invisibly while using this application.

5 Reasons Wi-Fi kill should be part of your favorite applications.


1. Indispensability:

I have been using Wi-Fi kill since college days and I just can’t imagine deleting it because of its every day usefulness to me, if you work in an office and you need to get your job done pretty fast over Wi-Fi,this application is just right for you.

2.Better download speed:

you can never go wrong with a mean application like Wi-Fi kill and it also breaths a new life to the download speed of your browser, download manager and more.

3.Just how good is Wi-Fi kill?

well, I will tell you this, I have not seen any Wi-Fi blocking app as good as Wi-Fi kill and it is so good that it seems like you are hacking into someone else’s laptop,i’m sure  we all want to feel our mad-hacking skills once in a while, it’s a good application when used responsibly. 

4.Will my phone hang a lot or stutter while using the app?

nah….it’s a very silky, smooth application that feels like a ride in the park,it is a very small-sized application dedicated to blocking other Wi-Fi users on the same Wi-Fi network as you.

5.How user-friendly is Wi-Fi kill?

well,you don’t have to be an Android developer or Java programmer or I.C.T genius before you can use it,you just have to be passionate about tech just a little and be able to read instructions well.

Requirements for using Wi-Fi kill.

1.Have a decent android phone with decent specs.

2.Know how to root your phone,visit to download Kingroot application for rooting your Android phone.

3.Visit and type in Wi-F kill in the search bar right on top in the website and follow the instructions to download Wi-Fi kill application

Has this been useful to you? feel free to share your thoughts with me by hitting the comment button.


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