Summer and Beach Presets

For blue water, ocean, tropical look, tanned skin. These are some of the most popular beach presets to create a stunning Instagram feed like bloggers.

All the summer and beach presets are inside the Preview App .

No complicated editing steps.

One-click = one photo transformation.

Here’s an example using one of the filters:

There’s a special Filter Pack inside of the app called Summer .

It has 6 different summer and beach presets inside: natural, colorful, tropical, bright, dark blue.

The presets have been designed to make the blue sky different blue colors, and make blue water even more blue .

I recommended these beautiful presets for your:

  • Summer holiday photos
  • Beach photos
  • Ocean photos (including underwater and drone shots)
  • Travel photos in general
  • Palm tree photos (green from nature and palm leaves)
  • Photos in the Maldives, Greece, Bali, Tahiti, and any other island

Let’s make your summer photos look amazing.


Here are some of my favorite beach presets:

Beach Preset #1

Filter 1 in the Summer Filter Pack

This is one of the most natural beach presets.

It is the go-to beach preset to make a normal, summery, vibrant, colorful Instagram feed.

Beach Preset #2

Filter 2 in the Summer Filter Pack

This is the teal beach preset.

It will make the blue of the sky a beautiful teal color.

I highly recommend it if you want to create a different Instagram look and love to play with colors.

Beach Preset #3

Filter 3 in the Summer Filter Pack

Yes!! It’s one of my personal favorites.

It is a strong , colorful beach preset. The blues will pop and the greens transform into a beautiful turquoise dream.

If you want to use one filter to make your Instagram feed look like a tropical paradise , this is the filter.

Beach Preset #4

Filter 4 in the Summer Filter Pack

This is the brightest filter of the pack.

Use it if:

  • Your photo is a bit dark
  • You want to make the water look bright blue
  • You want to create a bright, tropical Instagram feed
  • You want to make the sand white

Beach Preset #5

Filter 5 in the Summer Filter Pack

This is the unique filter of the Pack.

It is edgy . It’s a completely different kind of beach filter. It’s specialty: it’s vibrant and blue .

If you want an edgy, blue and unique Instagram feed: this filter will be perfect for you.

Beach Preset #6

Filter 6 in the Summer Filter Pack

This is another favorite in the entire app.

This is a dark blue filter .

If you love the more moody and natural beach photos: you will love this filter.

It makes the sky dark blue which contrasts beautifully with turquoise water.

Let that filter transform your beach photos into a postcard.

Beach Preset #7

Filter 7 in the Summer Filter Pack

This is a brown filter.

If you want to create a moody, brown Instagram feed, this is the filter.

My favorite way to use this filter is for photos of palm trees in the blue sky . It looks absolutely stunning.

Beach Preset #8

Filter 8 in the Summer Filter Pack

And lastly, this is the classic , natural summer and beach filter.

It is one of my absolute favorite in the entire app.

Even if you take lifestyle photos, or you have a shop or any other business, this filter is so versatile. It will look beautiful on any photo.

And of course, it looks beautiful on summer and beach photos too. I love how the blue stays a beautiful, vibrant blue. I love how it makes the skin glow.

Here’s an example of an Instagram feed created using this filter:

More summer and beach filters?

There are +100 beautiful filters and presets in Preview App.

All are one-click presets.

Click here to download Preview.

And have a ton of fun editing your photos!