Swipe-up feature is disappearing! Use this New Link Sticker in your Instagram Story

Don't have the swipe-up link feature anymore? Here is how to get the new Instagram 'Link' Sticker on Instagram Story to add links.

​Good-bye Swipe-Up link.

The Swipe-Up feature on Instagram Story is officially disappearing on 30 August 2021 .

So if you don’t see it anymore: it’s normal.

It will be replaced with a Link Sticker .

Let’s talk about:

Let’s start.

Why is Instagram getting rid of the Swipe-Up link?

Instagram confirmed to The Verge that they will be retiring the swipe-up feature.

Why is Instagram getting rid of the swipe-up link feature?

Former Head of Product at Instagram, Vishal Shah, said:

  • When there is a Swipe-Up link in Story, people can’t send a private message anymore.
  • People can respond to a Story that has a Sticker though.
  • Therefore, a Link Sticker would be a better option.
  • Plus, people are more used to interacting with / tapping on Stickers in Stories.

Let’s now look at how the new Link Sticker works.

How to use the new Link Sticker on Instagram Story

The new Link Sticker will appear next to the other stickers in your Instagram Story.

    Press on the Sticker button Select Link

Image sources: The Verge

How to get the new Link Sticker on Instagram?

Instagram said they are going to slowly roll out the new Link Sticker to everyone around the world from 30 August 2021 .

So we might not all get it at once. It might take a few days or weeks for everyone to get it, after 30 August.

Here is what you can try to do to get it:

  • Open your App Store or Google PlayStore app
  • Search for Instagram
  • Check if you can update the app manually (sometimes there is an update button you can press)

After you update, check if you have the Link Sticker.


You might have to have a Creator or Business Instagram account to get this feature. If you don’t have one yet, try switching to a Creator or Business Instagram profile .

If you still don’t have it, then you have to wait.

Will people with less than 10K followers get the Link Sticker too?


There might be a chance this new feature will be available to people will less than 10K followers.

However, it won’t be right now.

The former Head of Product at Instagram said to The Verge that Instagram might be trialing giving the option to small accounts in the future. Particularly those who have a voice and reach on the platform (like activists who need to share resources).

For now though, you will need to be verified or have at least 10K followers to get the Instagram Link Sticker.

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That’s it!

What do you think about this new Link feature?

Is it a good change? Or do you prefer the Swipe-up feature?

See you next time for more Instagram News !