What to Post on Instagram During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Stuck at home? Business is on pause? What should you post on Instagram during the coronavirus outbreak? Here are tips, tricks, post ideas and strategies.

The coronavirus is changing our lives.

This is a very tough time for many of us business owners.

And for families.

Around the world.

It’s rough.

I know some of you had to close shop.

I know some of you are putting things on hold.

And many of us are staying at home, to keep everyone safe.

What to post on Instagram now?

What to say? Or not say?

What to write in your captions?

If you are a business owner, know that your customers are on Instagram now more than ever .

They’re not deserting you.

They’re just putting their lives on pause for a while.

And they are still here, watching what you say and what you do.

You might have a new purpose now.

What you post on Instagram might be different.

But what you post still matters .

Because once we make it on the other side of this rough period, people will know who to turn to: you.

They will trust you. Because you kept going. You kept providing value. You kept showing up.

So what to post during this time?

Sit down, relax. I’m about to go deep and share A LOT of tips.

Let’s dive in.

1. Acknowledge it

Don’t feel like you have to avoid it.

If the situation weighs heavy on your mind and you feel like you want to talk about it:

Talk about it.

You can acknowledge it by sharing:

  • A health tip
  • A relevant, inspiring or motivational quote
  • What’s going on in your country / neighborhood
  • Wishing well on your followers and their families

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I couldn't have said it better myself. Let's be good to each other today ✨ Thank you for creating this energy @sophia.joan.short ✨

A post shared by Amanda Weldon (@belowtheblonde) on Mar 17, 2020 at 3:51am PDT

Business friends:

You can share what is happening to your business and what you’re planning to do.

If your business is being affected in one way or another by the current situation, be transparent and honest with your audience.

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Everyone keeps telling me to breathe… . So like the rest of us we have been ordered to shut down by noon(ish) tomorrow. Gov Sisolak specifically mentioned waxing spas or else I would have classified us as essential!! . We are fully staffed at both locations tomorrow. We have begun calling all of our clients for the next few days but if you know you have an upcoming appointment and want to get in please call now to be rescheduled. . We will be answering the phones a little early tomorrow (8 instead of 830 when we open). . We are all in this together and I like so many other small business owners am trying to stop crying and wrap my head around all of this. Like so many in the valley who have lost their jobs and are trying to figure it all out. We are in this together!! . If we can be of any help to anyone please click the contact button and it goes straight to my email. We are Vegas Strong!! ?? . . . @thebdaysuit2 ?? #thebirthdaysuit #vegasstrong #smallbusinessowners #smallbusinessstrong

A post shared by The Birthday Suit (@thebdaysuitlv) on Mar 17, 2020 at 7:32pm PDT

2. Share your experience

If you want, you can get personal.

Things you can write in your caption:

  • Update your followers on the situation where you are
  • What are you doing differently?
  • What you are doing in your own personal / business life to take precautions
  • How do you feel?
  • Are you staying at home?
  • What is your new routine?

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?? Let’s talk about this so we can support each other ??⁣ (inspired by @preview.app!) ⁣ I live in south eastern Australia in a large town an hour from Melbourne. ⁣ ⁣ Our shops are all still open. Many have changed ‘normal routines’ – tables further apart, lots of hand sanitizer, food deliveries doing ‘contact free’ etc. Most of our schools are still open although a lot of workplaces are starting Work from Home practices (including mine). ⁣ ⁣ Our supermarkets are stripped bare as soon as they’re filled but our local greengrocers, butchers etc are doing a roaring trade with shelves and fridges full.⁣ ⁣ People are still trying to stay as normal as possible although we mostly feel that things are going to get way worse before they get better ?⁣ ⁣ Where are you in the world? ? ⁣ ⁣ What’s happening there? What’s life like? How is everyone coping? ⁣

A post shared by ?????? • Ageing with Attitude! (@fit.50.and.fab) on Mar 18, 2020 at 12:53pm PDT

3. Be helpful

  • What do you know about the situation in your area? Can you share what a friend told you about what’s happening in the neighbourhood? In the shops? Where can people get help?
  • Helpful YouTube videos
  • Helpful health tips / quotes / infographics
  • Share useful resources


@jacimariesmith shared her favorite things to do, shows to watch, books to read in a carousel:

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swipe over for lots of ideas of things to do during this time of ‘social distancing’ ? we’re all in this together

A post shared by JACI MARIE ⭐️ (@jacimariesmith) on Mar 17, 2020 at 11:09am PDT

@heleneinbetween put together free resources for everyone who wants to start a blog and make money from it:

@marieforleo put together a support guide with all the things you can do, read, learn, watch and useful apps and websites you can use during the coronavirus:

4. Lead by Example

This is our new normal.

Let’s make things normal.

Show in your Instagram post or in your Instagram Stories how you are taking care of yourself and others around you:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Record yourself washing your hands (or washing your kiddos hands)
  • How physical distancing looks like in your life (space between you and the other people when you’re in line at the grocery shop?)
  • Work from home life
  • Your self-care routine and what you do for your mental health
  • A selfie of yourself wearing a mask

5. Adjust your Captions

Had planned captions?

Re-write them if they don’t fit with the current situation.

It’s ok to change.

It’s ok to adjust.

Let’s be sensitive.

Come back to the moment and write what feels right to you right now.

Business friends:

  • Some of you can change the captions and descriptions of your products to fit the situation.
  • How can your product / service be helpful in people’s lives right now?
  • What problem can you help people solve?
  • Or how can your products / services make people’s lives better?

For example:

Essential oils:

  • Your essential oils are not just essential oils anymore. They are scents to make a whole room come to life. They are scents that can help cleanse the air and relax. They are scents to make us feel good after we’ve been smelling the same smells for the last 3 weeks, confined between our 4 walls. They can be part of someone’s self-care routine.

Handmade blankets:

  • Your handmade blankets are not just handmade blankets anymore. They become the coziness and the comfort we’re all looking for in a rough time.

Knitting business:
How to change your caption?
People are at home and might be looking for new things to learn and new pastimes.
You can share fun easy knitting patterns to that beginners, experts, adults and kids can use. Like a crown!

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Let’s get knitting pals ? It’s super weird out there and I know loads of you are turning to knitting to ease some anxiety and looking for projects for kids so I thought I’d share the crown pattern for free so you can make crowns for yourself, for your friends and for key workers who are helping us get through this shit ?? . Lots of people have learnt to knit with this pattern so if you’re a complete beginner… you got this! There’s help videos on my website and I can do some stories talking through it if you want? (Lemme know I’m the comments if that would be useful) . You need: ? 50g of Super Chunky Yarn (weigh out any scraps you have otherwise we have 50g balls on the website) ? 10mm knitting needles . Enjoy making your crowns you knitting kings and queens ? sending you all the positivity, stay kind and considerate ? . #patternsforthepandemic . P.S thanks to @chloeuptonstudio for the worlds greatest GIF ?? (I think we need it for stories don’t we??? ?)

A post shared by Lauren Aston Designs (@laurenastondesigns) on Mar 21, 2020 at 2:36am PDT

Hair stylists:

  • Share hair tips
  • Answer frequently asked questions

Example: @hairbylianag answers questions.

6. Pivot

Business friends:

Can you adjust? Pivot?

  • How can you help your customers/clients during this time?
  • Are you changing your processes as a result of the virus?
  • Thinking of providing a new type of service?
  • Is your product/service needed even more today?
  • Can you offer a special discount? Or a special bundle of services?
  • Can you use Instagram as a place for your customers / clients to hang out? Or to relax?

You might not be using Instagram to sell anymore.

But you can totally create a fun page for your clients/customers to hang out , get to know you or even to escape .

Like I said before, people are still watching you.

Keep sharing your knowledge, photos, videos.

Because when this is all over, you, your brand, your business will be on top of their mind.

Ok, let’s give some examples.

Let’s see what you could post on your Instagram account, even if your shop is closed today.


People are at home . What can you post that they can do / enjoy at home and that is still relevant to your specialty?

How can you use Instagram to promote your services and help your people?

Disclaimer: I am not a professional in these industries. Nor do I know the insides of your business. These are just some ideas to get you thinking. Hopefully it will give you some ideas


Restaurants / Nutritionists

Business idea:

  • Cooking eBook: Quick and Easy Family Dinners, or 5 weeks breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes or 100 Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes or 50 Easy Recipes for People who Hate to Cook
  • Cooking Lessons
  • One-on-one cooking lesson
  • Can you do food delivery or pick-ups only?
  • Partner with food brands (example: @tropeaka superfoods has an affiliate program). Find the brands you use when you cook and contact them on Instagram or via email.

Instagram post ideas:

  • You can create recipe videos for people to recreate some of their favorite dishes of yours at home. And ask them to take a photo of their final dish, share it in their Instagram Stories so that you can re-share on your account!
  • Are your customers mostly families? You can share easy recipes the whole family would love. Think outside the box: Every week, you can share a fun Friday Night Meal (at-home fast food or cheat meal like a pizza or a burger – you get the idea).
  • Your favorite spices
  • Must-have pantry items
  • Do Live mukbangs or Live Instagram cooking shows (that you can also post on your IGTV channel after)

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If you are looking at those chickpeas on your pantry shelf and thinking, ok but what else do they do.?… Well, this! They’ll soak up this deep and complex Morrocan spice blend and then simmer in a fire-roasted tomato sauce to a stewy perfection. Scoop them on top of some couscous or another grain on hand, put a little cucumber salad on the side and a pop of fresh cilantro, mint, parsley if you’ve got it.⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Heat some oil in a skillet and add 1/4 cup chopped onion. Add a clove of garlic (minced), a tablespoon each of chili powder and cumin, a teaspoon each of turmeric, garam masala, and salt, a dash of cinnamon and cayenne, and two cans of chickpeas (drained + rinsed).⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Once fragrant, add two 14-ounce cans fire roasted diced tomatoes and let it simmer for 20 mins. Serve on top of couscous, quinoa, or rice and serve with cucumbers, herbs, yogurt, hummus, whatever you've got!⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #pantryrecipe #vegetarian #veg #vegetarianfood #meatless #meatlessmonday #eeeeeats #easyrecipes #recipe #video #recipevideo #feedfeed #instayum #onthetable #eatingfortheinsta

A post shared by Pinch of Yum (@pinchofyum) on Mar 19, 2020 at 7:25pm PDT

Hair Stylists

Business ideas:

  • Could you offer at-home haircuts (maybe at a Premium price)? During these times, hygiene is paramount. Here is what you can tell and show your customers in an Instagram post and Instagram Stories to set your services apart:
    • Wear a protective mask
    • Wear gloves
    • Show how you sanitise all your equipment before and after every appointment
    • Bonus: Cut your client’s hair outside, like their garden, to avoid confined places
  • Partner with hair product and hair accessories brands to create content for them or become an affiliate
  • Become an Amazon Associate (become part of Amazon Affiliate Program) to make money every time you refer someone to the products you use

Instagram post ideas:

  • If at-home haircuts are not an option: Can you create video tutorials? All you need is your phone camera.
  • Maybe you can even teach people how to trim their own hair at home. You can create different videos for medium hair and long hair (think of mums who might need to trim their little one’s hair). Or a video on how to trim your fringe.
  • Hairstyle ideas
  • Hair Care tips for different hair types
  • Weird hairstyles
  • Funny hair memes (see below)
  • You can record videos of you recreating celebrities hairstyles. How fun would that be?

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❗️Product Review ❗️ . . @theouai just came out with this Super Dry Shampoo and I must say that I genuinely love it! For my girls that like volume this one’s for you!! ??‍♀️ As you guys can see from the video it brought my oily flat hair back to life. I just touched up my curls and added this dry shampoo and then bam ? instant volume. It does have a white powder that comes out but once you rub into your scalp it disappears, and honestly I like dry shampoo’s that have that white powder because I feel like those work best when absorbing the oils. If you guys try it let me know what you guys think! . . Products used: @theouai Super Dry Shampoo @t3micro 1.25 twirl curling iron Song: Liar by Camila Cabello #haircolor : @kiarahorne

A post shared by Cynthia Dhimdis (@cynthiadhimdishair) on Sep 9, 2019 at 5:22pm PDT

Nail Salons

Business idea:

  • Collaborate with nail polish and nail accessory brands and become an affiliate if they offer this option
  • Become an Amazon Associate (become part of Amazon Affiliate Program) to make money every time you refer someone to the products you use

Instagram post ideas:

  • Can you create nail video tutorials? Some of your clients might not be able to come in to get their nails fixed. You could show people How to remove your gel nail polish at home safely
  • Nail Art Tutorials
  • You can start a weekly Nail Challenge with your followers. Create a nail art video tutorial (like the one below) and challenge people to recreate the look on their own nail. Tell them to post their final product to their feed or Instagram Story and tag you.
  • Mommy and Me Nails: A lot of mums will be home with their little girls. How cute would it be if you created nail art that both mums and daughters can do together? Each week you can create a new nail art.

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‹ ???????? › ⋆ ✨?????? &???? ✨ ⋆ ~Inspired by @gaudyoctopus ? ⋆ ???????? ????: -Maxus Nails Base Coat ?-Sunny Daze Kiara Sky Nails ⭐️-Hooray of Sunshine Ella+Mila ?-Team Sweets Ella+Mila -Acrylic Paint -Maxus Nails Top Coat ⋆ ⋆ { #freehandnailart #handpaintednailart } ⋆ ♪ Blinding Lights The Weeknd

A post shared by ⋒ gracie ⋒ (@nailart_bygracie) on Feb 22, 2020 at 12:08pm PST

Fitness / Yoga instructors

Business idea:

  • Fitness eBook: At-home workout or Working out at home with kids or Mum and Bub Exercises or How to Build your Booty at Home or No Equipment 5 week workout routine
  • Online fitness class
  • One-on-one virtual personal training
  • Personalised training plan

Instagram post idea:

  • Videos of at-home workouts
  • How to work out with kids at home? (a lot of families are in isolation at home)
  • Mummy and Kid workout (family workout ideas)
  • Workout routine in a carousel post
  • How to stretch?
  • Favorite stretches for different body parts?
  • Workout Together: Do Instagram Lives every [choose your day] at a set time
  • What to eat or What I eat in a Day video
  • Do Q&As: you can do one Instagram post answering one question from your followers. Different posts = different question from your followers

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⭐️ SOFA WORKOUT COMING IN HOT Be sure to LIKE ? & SAVE ❗️ for later! I AM SO PROUD OF EVERY SINGLE PERSON SMASHING THEIR HOME WORKOUTS! 80% of the amazing @toneandsculptapp ladies have reverted from gym to home and we are loving it. Utilising what we have and keeping our bodies moving BRAND NEW WORKOUTS now live ❗️ on the @toneandsculptapp TOMORROW CHALLENGES / TARGET AREAS / 15 MINUTE FULL BODY WORKOUTS AND MORE! I am truly listening to you all. You come first. TRY THIS SOFA WORKOUT NOW! METHOD: 1️⃣ SQUAT STEP UP 2️⃣ JUMPING LUNGE 3️⃣ BOX SQUAT 4️⃣ HIP THRUST 5️⃣ COMMANDOS 6️⃣ ELEVATED BRIDGE ALL: 20 REPS 4 SETS (10 REPS EACH LEG) Please note: puff your sofa once youre done heheheheh #homeworkout #workoutathome #toneandsculpt

A post shared by KRISSY CELA | Workout Anywhere (@krissycela) on Mar 19, 2020 at 12:20pm PDT

Bridal Makeup Artist

Business idea:

  • Create a course: Bridal Makeup Techniques or How to Become a Bridal Makeup or How to start a Bridal Makeup Artist Business (My A-to-Z process and tools)
  • Become an Amazon Associate (affiliate) and refer your followers, blog readers, students to your links of products

Instagram post ideas:

  • Reshare old photos: some of your favorite wedding looks
  • Share photos of weddings and tell the story behind the wedding and the makeup look. How was the big day?
  • Share makeup tips for wedding makeup looks: Which mascara is the best for the wedding? (so it doesn’t melt when we cry).
  • Bridal Makeup Q&A: Ask your followers to ask you any questions
  • Makeup videos: Create different bridal makeup looks

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?EASY GLAM? – Details: – @maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 332 @narsissist Radiant Concealer in Custard @bellapierreofficialuk Banana Setting Powder @anastasiabeverlyhills Cream Contour Palette @maccosmetics Shiny Pretty Things Palette @colourpopcosmetics Going Coconuts Palette @hudabeauty Lipliner in Flirt & @maybelline Superstay 24Hr Matte liquid lipstick in Driver Lash extensions by @bbslash – – #discovervideos #undiscovered_muas #hypenaughtymakeup #makeuptutorialsx0x #makeupartistsworldwide #wakeupandmakeup #makeupartistworldwide #hudabeauty #fiercesociety #makeuptutorial #fullcoveragemakeup #inssta_makeup #makeupvideos #igmakeupartist #makeup #makeuphacks #featuring_mua #lookamillion #makeuptutorial #glow #glowup #abh #hudabeauty #huda

A post shared by تارا (@tarabarzz) on Nov 23, 2019 at 11:14am PST


Business idea:

  • Can you do online consultations?
  • Create a helpful eBook, like 7-day Self-Care Routine: Daily Mental Practices to Keep Calm

Instagram post ideas:

  • Helpful, positive quotes
  • Mental health management techniques
  • Tips for parents like How to talk to your children about COVID19
  • Fun, helpful infographics like Dos and Don’ts when you stay at home or when you talk to another person who is stressed about the situation
  • Easy tips and tricks: How to help someone calm down? or How to relax when you feel anxiety creeping in? or 5 things to do every morning or 5 things to do every night

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❥ SWIPE LEFT for a full guide on the what, why, when, how to… #boundaries ⠀⠀ Boundaries are incredibly important for our general well-being but especially when we are feeling anxious or experiencing a crisis like this. Knowing what we need and communicating it clearly is key. ⠀⠀ Now is the perfect time to practice communicating your needs! Whether this means that you are extra cautious when others are joking around, or you don't want to be updated with every breaking news that pops up.. you have a right to set boundaries and take care of yourself regardless of how others’ interpret it! ⠀⠀ I have also just uploaded a full holistic guide with tools, tips and tricks to get you through this time (How to stay sane & productive while working from home, tools to keep you grounded, boundary setting, and some other fun stuff to explore ?) ?? Link in bio! ⠀⠀ Moreover, I have decided to offer extra holistic online consultations for the upcoming weeks! If you need some extra support right now, or know someone who could benefit from a little guidance, please feel free to get in contact! Your mental health is just as important as your physical health right now, so it's very important to make room for both! ⠀⠀ Sending love to all of you around the world! ? ⠀⠀ Keep on shining! ⠀⠀ Nila ⠀⠀ #AboutTheGoodLife

A post shared by NILA ♡ HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGIST (@about.the.good.life) on Mar 19, 2020 at 6:13am PDT

Dermatologists and aestheticians

Business idea:

  • Can you do online, video call consultations?
  • Can you sell your products online?
  • Partner with skincare brands to create content for them or become an affiliate
  • Become an Amazon Associate (become part of Amazon Affiliate Program) to make money every time you refer someone to the products you use

Instagram post ideas:

  • Share tips and tricks
  • At-home skin care routine examples for different skin types
  • Favorite products for different skin types
  • Share past client results (before and afters)
  • Create fun and helpful infographics
  • Record yourself doing your skincare routine, using your favorite products (lead by example)
  • Product reviews

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Do this for yourself once a week! ✨⁣ ⁣ I like to do it in the bath ? ⁣ ⁣ Self care should be prioritized ?⁣ ⁣ Do you already do this? Let me know below ???⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ #facial #skincaretips #skincareroutine #skintips #skintherapist #aesthetician #skinroutine #esthetician #masteresthetician #utahesthetician #estheticianlife⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ #skincare #utahblogger #dryskin #healthyskin #skinglow @newbeauty @thecut @realself @dermascope @americanspamag @totalbeautyeditors @hudabeauty @allure #facialtreatment #skincareaddicts #skincarecommunity #dermaplaning #chemicalpeel #microneedling #skincarechart #antiaging #skinchart #skinhealth #skincareblogger #skintype #utahesthetics #estheticianschool

A post shared by APRIL | RUMA Aesthetics (@masteresthetician101) on Feb 29, 2020 at 10:41am PST

Kindergartens + Children Caregivers + Teachers

Business ideas:

  • Online teaching
  • Coloring books
  • At-home video tutorials (for different subjects: writing, maths, etc…)
  • Homeschooling course for parents
  • Online resource library for parents
  • Create a course on Coursera or Skillshare

Instagram post ideas:

  • Game ideas
  • Homemade games with objects around the house
  • Drawing challenges
  • Instagram Live play-dates
  • Homeschooling tips

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This is such a great daily schedule visual by @today.our.children !! Find all the details on her page ❤️. • Tag us @recycleandplay and use the hashtag #recycleandplay for a chance to feature your recycled craft, art or activity! (xx Myriam, @mothercould) . . . #diytoys #playandlearn #earlychildhoodeducation #playathome #toddlermom #learningthroughplay #preschoolactivities #montessorikids #playbasedlearning #montessoriathome #kidsactivities #playmatters #homeschoolingideas #kindergarten #aktivitepaylasimi #etkinlik #aktivite #okulöncesi #montessorionerileri #cardboardcrafts #cardboardart #momlife #toddlerlife #toddler

A post shared by Recycle And Play (@recycleandplay) on Mar 19, 2020 at 8:54pm PDT

Website / Graphic Designers

A lot of business owners now have more time on hand to take time to revamp their marketing collaterals. Show them how you can help them.

Business idea:

  • Create a collateral bundle or a brand revamp service
  • Offer a discount for a certain period of time to support businesses
  • Create a graphic design course for small businesses or absolute beginners

Instagram post ideas:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Share your process
  • Design inspiration
  • Work
  • Before and Afters
  • Client testimonials

Inspiration: @designbyjrs

Other ideas:

  • Share your story
  • Share the stories of your team members
  • Share the stories of your clients / customers
  • Talk about your process
  • Talk about your passion and what you do what you do
  • Answer Q&As
  • Share client testimonials
  • Before and afters

Want more ideas?

What’s your industry?

Tell me in the comments section and we can brainstorm Instagram post ideas together.


7. Start Planning

If you are staying home and have some time on your hands, now is the perfect time to start planning and/or learning new skills.

  • You might want to revamp your Instagram page
  • You might want to plan content in advance for when things get back to normal
  • You might want to plan content to post now

I’ve shared a lot of examples above.

Let’s take one of them.

Let’s say I’m a restaurant owner.

I know people are at home. I know they might not be going to the restaurant anymore. And I know they now have time to cook / learn to cook. Restaurant owner to the rescue!

I want to still post content on my Instagram page and get my customers involved, salivating and have a taste of my cuisine in the comfort of their own home.

This is how I would plan my Instagram feed using my Preview App :

Let’s say I want to do a Cooking Challenge with my followers.

I will need to tell them what ingredients to get a week in advance so they can do the cooking challenge with me. So I need to plan one Instagram post telling people what to buy.

Then, I need to prepare one Instagram post to tell them the recipe.

I also want to get them as involved as possible: What are they craving? What do they want to eat?

To get them involved, I would do a poll (VOTE NOW). I can post the poll on my Instagram Stories or on my Instagram feed. I prefer on my Instagram feed because people can comment and you get to interact with them (like their comment and comment back). And they get to see who else is going to cook too. #community

Here’s an image I created:

As you guys know, I love to map my Instagram grid before I prepare my Instagram posts .

It helps visualise what to post, in what order and how many posts you actually need to prepare for the week.

This is what my Instagram grid map looks like:

This is just ONE example.

You don’t have to do a challenge.

You can choose to post photos only or videos only.

You can also use an Instagram grid layout to design your feed in a certain way.

Quick tip:

If this will be your first time to try to be consistent on Instagram, or improve your feed, or make a video, or go Live on Instagram, or create a challenge, or plan strategically, and you feel overwhelmed: Relax! and don’t give up. It might be hard at the beginning but keep going!! Even if only one person replies to your poll or your Q&A. Even if it’s your mum. Keep going for that one person. You’re learning an amazing skill to be able to show up for your community, to create something new. We all started with 0 followers, 0 comments, 0 likes. Go, go, go!!! And if you want support, tag me @preview.app on your posts and I will come to cheer you on

8. Start Conversations

Hey! You’re not talking to an algorithm. You’re talking to people

Don’t be afraid to start conversations with your followers.

You can ask:

  • Hey guys! How are you all feeling today?
  • Where are you located? How is it where you are?
  • How is everything going today?
  • What’s your plan today? Today I’m going to…

View this post on Instagram

Let’s talk about it ? Where are you guys located right now? What are people saying in your country? Are people taking it seriously? Or lightly? ⠀⠀ – Alex & Andrew @preview.app

A post shared by Your Instagram Feed Planner (@preview.app) on Mar 14, 2020 at 4:38am PDT

You can make the conversation fit to your own personal situation.

For example:

  • If you are staying 24/7 with your children at home, you can ask your followers: To all the mums and dads out there: What’s your routine like? Do you know any fun family games to pass time?

6. Choose your purpose

Most people open their Instagram app because they want to chill and escape.

Not all your posts need to be about the virus.

You choose what you want to post.

Want to spread awareness?
Share helpful tips.

Want to help business owners?
Share tips, tricks, strategies, free content.

Want to spread positivity?
Share happy posts.

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?Today I’m asking myself what joy & good energy I can bring to this community & what I can do, if anything, to help brighten a pretty crazy scary world right now… . I came to the conclusion that given my circumstances (we’ll be in the Maldives for the next 3 weeks at least) I’M GOING TO WORK EXTRA HARD to share all the beauty, all the positivity & all the love I can! . We are quite isolated where we are & feeling very safe for now. We’re very lucky to have arrived in good health & before everything escalated! . I’m thinking of everyone who is in lockdown & facing hardship. Everyone stuck in a situation that they can’t get out of, health care workers working OT & anyone sick. Sending so much love!! . LOVE LOVE LOVE! #maldives #maldivesislands #maldivesresorts #travelvideo #dronevideo

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10. Build a Community

It can be a community of 5 people, 10 people, 100 people, 1,000 people.

You can join communities.

Or you can create your own community:

  • You can do regular Instagram Lives
  • You can create a fun challenge that people can join
  • You can create a hashtag that people can use and then you can support each other and see each others’ posts

For example, @marieforleo started a #selfcaresaturday movement. You can join her and all her followers Live every Saturday, for workouts, chit-chats and meditation sessions:

This is what her Instagram Lives looks like:

11. Create a Challenge

You can create or join fun challenges.

For example, Australian musicians have started the music challenge #covered19 .

Musicians take turns to cover each other’s songs.

The challenge was started by @hauskeymusic who did a cover of @elueramusic ’s song:

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It feels *very* odd to promote yourself right now, but the music industry needs a lot of support so maybe it would be cool if local artists promoted other local artists? Here’s @elueramusic’s ‘Good Girl’ with my own little spin. Go stream it! #covered19

A post shared by Hauskey (@hauskeymusic) on Mar 16, 2020 at 6:08pm PDT

A few hours later, @elueramusic covered Shannen James song:

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SUPPORT UR LOCAL ARTISTS in this weird weird time ? one of my fave songs by real life angel @shannenjamesmusic (@hauskeymusic for the revolution) #covered19

A post shared by eluera (@elueramusic) on Mar 16, 2020 at 8:03pm PDT

And the game goes on.

Tip: Tag one of your friends, favorite Instagrammers to get them to join the challenge too.

12. Share or Create Memes

Feel like you want to lighten things up?

You can share memes related to the situation.

Business friends:

You can create your own memes that fit with your business/industry.

For example:

The Birthday Suit @thebdaysuitlv is a waxing salon. They shared this meme:

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Dying!! ???? . Please keep tagging me & sending these to me!! . Don’t worry about that ladystache… We just got 720lbs of wax! We will have all the wax you need to go back to the hair free care free gal everyone thinks you are! ? . Happy Saturday Babes ? . . . @thebdaysuit2 ?? @onesaltymom ???? #thebirthdaysuit #lipwax #imoustacheyouaquestion #bodywax

A post shared by The Birthday Suit (@thebdaysuitlv) on Mar 21, 2020 at 1:29pm PDT

5. Adjust your Caption

  • What do you know about the situation in your area? Can you share what a friend told you about what’s happening in the neighbourhood? In the shops? Where can people get help?
  • Helpful YouTube videos
  • Helpful health tips / quotes / infographics
  • Share useful resources


@jacimariesmith shared her favorite things to do, shows to watch, books to read in a carousel:


Here are 2 meme maker websites:

Meme maker apps:

13. At-Home Photos and Videos

Do you have a personal Instagram account?

You can post about your #quarantinelife.

This hashtag has become a trend on Instagram:

You can use Instagram as your personal journal.

Every day, you can make an Instagram post about what you did today.

It can be long, it can be short, it can be a little sad, it can be fun. You choose. It’s your journal.

From cooking, to cleaning, to exercising at home, to dancing, to sharing fun photos of your cat or dog.

@chiaraferragni shares an album of what she did at home during the day:

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Quarantine day 14: we made tiramisu (@franco.lucia1960 actually made it), tried three different flower arrangements (thank you @potafiori), sat in the terrace in the sun and cooked arrosto for tonight ❤️

A post shared by Chiara Ferragni ✨ (@chiaraferragni) on Mar 21, 2020 at 10:35am PDT

@breakfast_and_coffee_ shares plays hide and seek with her cat around the house. It’s the funniest (and scariest) thing to watch because you never know when the cat will jump at you:

A lot of people on Twitter are coming together to lighten things up:

Note: Creative, fun, at-home photo ideas blog post coming soon!

14. Work from Home photos

Do you work from home?

You can share your #workfromhomelife .

The trend on Instagram right now is to share a photo of your desk or office set-up at home.

It can be in your home office, on your kitchen bench, on the dining room table, couch or bed:

Or you can introduce your new co-workers :

15. Inspirational photos

Running out of post ideas?

Or don’t know what to post but still want to keep your Instagram page active?

You can share inspirational photos for now.

For example:

  • Hair Stylists: Hairstyle ideas
  • Nail salons: Nail art ideas
  • Gardeners / florists: flower inspiration, garden inspiration, landscape designs

Tip: You can use the Repost feature in Preview App to repost other people’s Instagram photos, videos and albums.

16. Old photos and videos

You can post some of your favorite old photos.

You can do Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday.

You can share some of your favorite memories. Travel memories, school memories.

Business friends :

Don’t hesitate to share old photos, even if you’ve already posted them before.

Here is an example from @hairbylianag , a hair stylist in Pennsylvania, in the US, who keeps posting even if she closed her salon:

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? This was such a beautiful transformation!! I loved how seamless it turned out I have quite a few hair transformations to show you throughout these next couple weeks!! You best be Readyyyyy??‍♀️ We'll start with this one! Angelica was ready to bring up her blonde But keep it low maintenance. I went through and did some #foilayage #teasylights To tone we decide to go for more of a beige blonde and I also did a root melt to make it super super seamless! Lightened with @redken flashlight Root melt- @wellahairusa #wellacolortouch 7/89 & 5/1 Mids-ends @kenraprofessional 9n/9a and a touch of SV What do you think? Would you go for this tone of blonde?⤵️⤵️

A post shared by Liana-Lancaster PA Hairstylist (@hairbylianag) on Mar 19, 2020 at 5:24pm PDT

17. Free Photos

Don’t have any photos?

No worries

You can use the free photos inside your Preview App .

There are thousands of photos. You can use any photos you want, for free.

That’s it!

If this blog post was helpful, feel free to share the link with your community on Instagram, Twitter or in Facebook groups.

Once again, if you need help coming up with Instagram post ideas: tell me in the comments what your business is about and we can brainstorm together.

One last thing

It’s an intense, heart-breaking, stressful time for many of us.

If you don’t feel like posting on Instagram at the moment: just don’t post.

Take a break.

Your health is more important than a post on Instagram.

Come back when it feels right for you.

On that note, stay safe.

And wash your beautiful hands

– Alex