White Filters for a White Instagram Theme (+ Ideas)

Here are 7 filters to make a White Instagram Theme. Get inspired & create a beautiful white feed with these filters from Preview App.

There’s a new Filter Pack in Preview App : White II .

Create a consistent bright, white Instagram theme in just one tap .

You don’t need to spend hours editing your white background photos. You don’t need to go back and forth in your editing software to get a clean, white theme. All you need is to just apply one white filter .

This filter pack is perfect to make bright, white Instagram themes.

There are 7 unique filters in that pack. They will make your white background whiter and your photos brighter.
You can use these filters on any type of photo (not just photo with white backgrounds) . But for the purpose of this blog post I will show you a theme with white backgrounds and green as the main color.

Let your imagination run wild and let our filters do the work.


Faded, cool and soft. This is beautiful white filter DD7.
DD7 ain’t nothing you’ve seen before. It is peaceful and airy .
It is a cold filter for the ultimate white Instagram theme.

For White Theme lovers

Which filter is your favorite?

If you’re already using the White II Filter Pack, make sure to leave your Instagram handle in the comments to people can see your feed!

If you’re a white feed lover, here is more information:

There is a second White Filter Pack
Learn how to make a white background for your Instagram photo (in 2 steps)

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to download Preview App to start planning your feed now.

Have fun!


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